7 Birthday-Worthy Desserts You Can Serve

It’s time to grow a year older and a bit wiser, which means it’s time to celebrate our birthday. Birthdays are one such joyous milestone of our lives which makes us realize how far we have come.

They make our lives worthwhile by giving us a reason to celebrate ourselves, and even our loved one’s on their birthdays.

So to honour or appreciate us on our birthdays, our loved one’s throw a surprise birthday party inviting all our friends and family members. We do the same too.

Everything about a birthday party is so pleasing to our sense, be it, the party decorations or the birthday cake.

Talking of birthday cakes, people tend to look for a perfect birthday cake matching the theme of the birthday boy/girl’s occasion and expectations.

Some choose to bake a birthday cake out of their love, whereas some like to order it online from some reputed bakery which would even extend its cake delivery in Dhanbad or wherever the birthday party is taking place.

But what about other binge-worthy dessert items? We are sure those pretty much slipped off your mind, didn’t it? So to help you treat your guests in a sweet manner make sure to incorporate these birthday worthy delicious desserts. 

Icecream cake 

If your birthday falls in the summer months, then you have to introduce this crow pleaser at your birthday party. People are sure to fall in love with your dessert menu just because of this sweet treat.

You can choose to serve them an ice cream cake is any popular flavours like chocolate, blueberry, mango, strawberry, etc. and also in different shapes and sizes. It is sure to leave everyone wanting for a piece more.

No-Bake Cream Cheese Pie

 Add yumminess to your birthday celebration as you choose to pamper your loved ones with this no-bake cream cheese pie. Its super velvety taste and lush cream cheese flavour are sure to make everyone’s heart skip a beat. With some regular basic ingredients, you can choose to bake this cream cheese pie in your home, even a day before your birthday. Further, you can choose to top this cream cheese pie with some freshly diced fruits, chocolate shavings and roasted nuts.

Nutella Skillet S’mores

Baked with a skillet, graham crackers, marshmallows, and a jar of Nutella, this dessert is sure to make each and every one of your guests feel welcomed. Served it straight pulling it from the oven. And let everyone dive deep into its yummy taste and classic appeal. 

No-Bake Icebox Cake

Made in few seconds, a no-bake icebox cake is layered with graham crackers, whipped cream, and fresh fruits. If you aren’t that good at baking, then you can give it a try to make this ultimate no-bake solution. It’s not always true that only cakes tend to make the highlight of the birthday party, sometimes some scrumptious desserts too. Icebox cakes are extremely versatile you can choose to give it your own twist by using your choice of ingredients. 

Strawberry Shortcake 

If you wish to incorporate some healthy yet taste desserts for the birthday menu, strawberry shortcake individual serving should be made to your list. It’s simplicity, it’s appeal, and it’s “totally worthy party status” is something that makes it a great inclusion to the dessert menu for your birthday party. Bring some biscuits, fresh whipped cream, and sliced strawberries from the supermart and arrange them together to make it into a strawberry shortcake. Yes, it’s that easy!

Quick Fruit Trifle

Wanting to offer some quick yet fancy dessert to your esteemed guests? Then, here you go folks! A fruit trifle that can be prepared in no time with some store-bought pound cake, whipped cream, and your favourite fresh or frozen fruit can help your guests remember the kickass birthday party that you had thrown in the years to come. It not just looks beautiful but is healthy and tastes even better. One can pull this dessert off when they don’t have much time to bake a traditional cake or some other dessert. 

So, now that we have helped you with some birthday-worthy desserts, which one are you planning to go with? 

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