Ahmed Baig takes a commanding lead in the Rumanza Open

iddLAHORE: At the first Rumanza Open Golf Championship on Saturday, PAF’s Ahmed Baig was completely in charge.

Ahmed was in complete control following the conclusion of the Championship’s third round, which had a prize pool of Rs12 million and was played at the Rumanza Golf Course.

Ahmed, a Rumanza brand ambassador, remained in control of the event’s competitive momentum. Despite their many accomplishments, adversaries like Shabbir Iqbal, Matloob Ahmed, Saqib, Naeem, and Ashfaq did their best to neutralize Ahmed, but his excellence was unmatched in some way.

His skill as a golfer earned him birdies on holes 2 and 3, the 5th hole, the back nine on holes 11, 15, and the final hole, during the third round on Saturday.

There were a total of six birdies, eight of which were regulation pars. He also suffered stroke losses on the fourth hole, but the birdie advantage protected his leadership position.

He has an advantage of seven strokes over his closest rival, Muhammed Minhaj Maqsood, of Rawalpindi Golf Club, with an overall score of 207, nine under par, and a round of 70, which he added to his similar 70 from the first round as well as and his merited 67 from the second.

Minhaj Maqsood

A golf professional with training in South Africa, appears to be very old, and his performance in the third round was elegant and sophisticated.

The remarkable aspect of his game is highlighted by his five birdies on holes 3, 7, and 9, followed by consecutive ones on holes 16 and 17. He also had to deal with three bogies, but overall, he was a competitor in charge of the intense competition.

His three rounds’ scores are 68, a respectable 76, and another respectable 70. He has a three-round total of 214, which is four under par. On Sunday, he will play the final round in the leaders’ flight alongside Ahmed Baig and Muhammed Shahzad of Lahore Garrison, who finished third.

M. Shahzad is starting to look an ever increasing number of capable and his name shows up unmistakably in lofty open golf titles. He also does well at Rumanza Golf Course, where he is two strokes behind Minhaj. With a 216 for the three rounds, he stands out for his impressive golfing prowess.

Ashiq Hussain (Multan)

Ashiq Hussain (Multan), who is ranked 218, and M. Naeem (Peshawar), who is also ranked 218, are two other notable candidates who appear to be doing fairly well. With eight birdies, six pars, and four bogeys, M. Munir, who played the best round of the third day, has an overall score of 219.

Along with Muhammed Alam, Abdul Zahoor, and Kashif Masih, M. Saqib is ranked 221.

With a score of 223, five players are grouped together. Syed Raza Ali, Muhammed Zubair, Muhammed Ashfaq, Aashir Masih, and Shahid Javed Khan, an experienced actor, are all of them.

Additionally ,A Senior Professionals finished their round, and Pervaiz Khan of Airmen Golf Club emerged victorious. Muhammed Akram and M. Tariq (Islamabad) were appointed to other positions.

Muhammed Sarfraz of Rumanza Golf Club won the senior amateurs’ first place competition. Umair Butt of Defense Raya came in second.

Salman Jehangir of Lahore Gymkhana holds and lead in the gross section of the amateurs competition after three days with a score of 222.

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