Apartments in Karachi’s centre have yet to be handed over to PSB personnel

KARACHI: According to “The News,” the 12 newly constructed flats at the National Coaching Centre owned by the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB), which were constructed for the employees two months ago, have not been handed over to them due to the sluggish attitude of PSB high officials.

Even though the flats took more than a decade to build, the high officials in Islamabad aren’t interested in giving them to employees, despite the fact that they are ready for use.

According to sources, the civil work on the flats was completed two months ago. However, the flats remain empty, and employees are compelled to live in shanty homes where their lives are in danger because the homes have collapsed multiple times due to rain.

Some high-ranking officials, according to sources, wanted to use the apartments.

In the meantime, it has also been reported that a tender process to replace the center’s 26-year-old tartan track has begun.

Over the course of more than a decade, the shifting federal government has repeatedly called off the tender process.

The improvement of an indoor gymnasium and the installation of floodlights are two additional projects that have been put off. While a sprinkler system and improved seating arrangements are required for the football stadium.

According to sources

According to sources, the development work and the installation of the tartan track and floodlights could begin in April if the tender process and other formalities go according to plan.

The increase in seating capacity is not included in the development projects for the current fiscal year, according to the sources.

Pakistan Sports Board (PSB)

The Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) is in dire straits as a result of a lack of funds. The Ministry for Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) has vigorously addressed the issue of the delay in the release of the third quarterly installment, which resulted in the denial of salaries to PSB employees.

The IPC stated in a letter to the Finance Division that the PSB is in a difficult position as a result of a lack of funds.

A request to release funds for the third quarter was sent to the Finance Division in accordance with their budget release strategy. The letter stated, “The funds have not yet been released.”

The PSB has not paid salaries to its 437 employees for the month of January because the funds have not been released. As a result, they are struggling financially and are unable to provide even basic necessities for their families. Employees have become restless as a result of this situation, and as a result, they have launched an open agitation and are currently on strike.

The PSB is currently unable to pay for salaries, wages, utilities, contractual payments, etc., making the situation alarming.

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