Benzino Net Worth, Rapper’s Career, and More

Benzino Net Worth – $10 million

Benzino Net Worth $10 million
Real Name Raymond Scott
Date of Birth 18th July 1965
Nationality American
Profession Rapper, Record Producer, Media Executive
Age 55
Height 5’3”
Weight 77kg
Children 3


Benzino’s full name is Raymond Scott, who is an American rapper, producer, and media executive. The estimated net worth of Benzino is $10 million. The rapper Raymond Scott started his musical career as a group member of RSO. He became famous for his highly publicized feud with Eminem.

The popular artist was born on 18th July 1965 in Boston, Massachusetts. He studied at Harvard University, and there he met with David Mays. They became good friends, and they noticed the market gap after graduation.

Moreover, he started a magazine called “ the Source” that focused on hip-hop music and culture. Well, the magazine ‘ the source’ became so popular and sold over 360,000 music copies in 2011. The estimated annual profit was $10 million. The magazine became the world’s longest-running hip-hop publication.


Being a member of rap groups The Almighty RSO and Made Man added the success and provided a huge boost to his career. In his studio albums, The Bezino project, Redemption, Arch Nemesis, and The Antidote are included. Mavs and Benzino created a weekly publication that has worth $10 million.

One of his popularity was due to a feud with Eminem. It was involved in a legal dispute with rapper Eminem that started referring to him as 2003 Vanilla Ice. They produced diss tracks about each other such as Eminem’s The Sauce and Benzino’s Skirt Up.

Well, all this ended as the Eminen Victorious and Benzio labeled as an insecure rapper. So he publicly apologized to Eminem that drew widespread acclaim for his boldness in stepping forward.

Moreover, from 2012 to 2014, Benziono made an appearance in the reality show Love& Hip Hop: Atlanta. He was engaged to Althea Heart. Althea filed an order against him after splitting, and he hit her with a paternity suit. Well, he is single but dated With Karlie Redd. He has three children.


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