Borderlands 3: What Trailer tells About the Gameplay of the upcoming game

Borderlands 3 is gearing up for the final expansion. Yes! That’s good news for everyone; it’s a major DLC release. Few days have left in the release of this wonderful Fustercluck.

There is a new thriller trailer at Gamescom that helps to build hype for the upcoming release. It gives the idea about what they will do within Krieg’s mind. The Gamescom gameplay trailer provides the info of the upcoming DLC. The major goal is reiterated for which workers are looking around, a loot-filled place called Vaulthalla.

According to spoilers, this will help with Krieg’s fractured mental condition to provide players with heaps of new weapons. This new DLC takes Krieg’s mind, The Crimson Raiders, the Resident psycho who appeared in Borderlands 2.

Players will able to travel through warped memories of Krieg’s in which the Siege of Castle Crimson, an evil train, the Benediction of pain are included that serves as Krieg’s origin story.

The trailer shows some locations and what they mean to Krieg, such as one area focuses on the Krieg’s memory and attack a COV base. So it would be a further explanation of Krieg’s lack of Borderlands 3.

Moreover, the trailer focuses on a place with a murderous train. The gearbox is using this to do anything inside Krieg’s mind. The new story of Borderlands 3 will effect Krieg and memories that lead to plenty of emotional moments between both vault hunters.

Furthermore, the trailer shows Krieg and psycho Kreig will be guiding them throughout the DLS. No doubt, it is a brilliant idea that surely results in plenty of unforgettable moments. Some new guns have also been shown in the trailer. Psycho Krieg with the Fustercluck is shaping up as unforgettable as teh fourth expansions of the previous Borderlands games.

Borderlands is available for three platforms; PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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