‘Capone’ Trailer: Tom Hardy and Josh Trank’s ‘Fonzo’ Gets First Footage and New Title!

Tom Hady’s “Capon” throwing his first footage to the viewers and set the streaming of this movie in May 2020. Capone is famous as one of the most notorious gangsters. And the whole story of the movie will revolve around this gangster. The director of the movie Josh Trank has released the first trailer on social media.

Moreover, the Capone will come out on VOD on 12th May 2020 because the cinemas are closed. And the team of the movie is planning to hit the theatres again when the cinemas are re-open yet.

The upcoming movie Capone who was developed under the title of “Fonzo,” is being released via Redbox Entertainment and Vertical Entertainment, who focus on on-demand and residential entertainment releases. The official synopsis reads: “The Capone, a 47-year old gangster, after spending ten years of his life in the prison, he has dementia. He involves being weird by his wildlife in the past.”

In the era of 1920s, Capone ruled the Chicago mob. Later on, he was sued for evasion, due to which he was imprisoned in 1932 and get punished. Moreover, the released trailer of the upcoming Capone covers the series of his early age look, Hardy shooting a machine gun and declaring, “We made a promise that someday we could make it big!”

However, the above-explained trailer will show you the man Hardy who is a gangster, spending his life in a very beautiful estate of Florida. The further cast who will join the movie is exhibit as under:

  • Kyle MacLachlan
  • Linda Cardellini
  • Jack Lowden
  • Matt Dillon
  • Neal Brennan

Moreover, an official tweet will show you the releasing confirmation about the Capone. Have a look below:

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