Diet And Health Tips For People Suffering From Dengue Fever

Healthy Tips for People Suffering from Dengue Fever

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As we all daily read in newspapers that so many people died due to dengue fever. It is a viral illness. Dengue is affecting people of all age groups as the virus is passed by flies and mosquitoes. So mosquitoes pass this virus from one person to another and hence it is important to keep your surrounding fly and mosquito-free. So Diet and health tips for people suffering from dengue will be very helpful.

The Reason Behind Dengue

When you are infected by dengue your platelets start falling incredibly. Platelets are part of our red blood cells. Platelets help in blood coagulation. So if platelets go very low then blood clotting is affected. And if you bleed from any part of the body, it is difficult to stop bleeding with low platelets. So we have to be very careful that there is no damage to the body externally or internally and the person does not bleed.

Due to such risky conditions, victims get hospitalized or even require ICU setup as a preventive measure. So be careful of these small mosquito bites. They can change your health.

Tips For Dengue Patients

Tip 1: Stay away from Mosquitoes

The most effective and important tip to avoid dengue fever is to stay away from mosquitoes and long-standing fresh water. And with the above precautions.

Tip 2: Maintain Diet

If you are suffering from dengue fever, diet plays a very important role to bring you out from this viral infection and you get your health back. Dengue fever is followed by lots of weakness and lethargy. One other option you can opt for instead of diet is to go for a walk by wearing disposed running shoes.

Tip 3: Ignore High doses of Medicines

There are high doses of medicines that are going in. At the same time, the appetite of the patient is very low to support those medicines. So an additional concern of eating good nutrition is important for fast recovery.

So if you wish to get out of this infection pretty soon, it is important that you eat well and drink well.

Tip 4: Treated under a Physician

Now a day’s dengue fever is considered to be one of the dangerous fevers. In spite of the medications available it is difficult to diagnose at an early stage. Dengue fever may or may not be detected in the first sample of your blood. But getting yourself treated under a physician is very important.

Tip 5: Eat Healthy foods

As we talk about diet for dengue fever. There is no thumb rule to be followed for diet but a few tips can help you to combat soon from the fever.

It is very necessary to supply your body with plenty of fluids throughout the day. Oral rehydration solution, fruit juices, coconut water, lime juice, etc can be given which will help to remove the toxins from the body.

Apart from the topic, many people used to find the answer of how to give yourself a fever and here is the perfect answer you can get.

Tip 6: Take more Liquid in Food

The virus gets excreted via urine hence reducing its load in the body and hence it is advised to be on a more of a liquid diet and increase overall water intake.

If the patient is not comfortable with solid food, the patient can stick to liquids for 2-3 days after which solid intake should be gradually started. Liquids need not be very light like dal water or rice kanji.

Make a pulp of food and dilute a little with water to make it drinkable, e.g. mashed dal with some mashed rice or khichdi Nausea and vomiting are the main symptoms of dengue fever which have to be taken care of.

Tip 7: Choose Food wisely

During fever the appetite of patients is very low, so it becomes our responsibility to select the food which the patient likes, and apart from that, the food selected should be such which has high energy in small quantities. Along with calorically dense food, the consistency of food will also be very important.

E.g. Instead of chapati gives sheer with a good amount of ghee and sugar. 1 chapati to eat would be difficult if compared with sheera. Sheera being soft doesn’t require efforts of chewing it. Milkshakes and fruit juices over whole fruits.

Tip 8: Have Nuts and Fruits

Nuts can be powdered and added to any of the food items or can be added to milk 2 times a day.

Tip 7: Choose Food wisely

Have Fruits and Juices during Dengue Fever

Tip 9: Ignore Spices and salt

Do not overload the patient with spices, salt, fried and oily food. During dengue fever, your liver is affected the most. So when you load your food with fat and junk food, your liver is unable to metabolize as it has become weak as compared to before. So focus more on proteins and vitamins.

It is important to make sure that the patient gets vitamins from all the sources of fruits and vegetables. Soups and juices are also a good choice as it is easy to consume and assimilation of nutrients is also quick.

Tip 10: Have food for a taste of buds sensitivity

During dengue fever, the vitamins are lost and hence the patients don’t have an appetite as well as taste in the mouth. Loading the body with vitamins will help to enhance hunger and also improve taste buds sensitivity. Your diet can include boiled vegetables, rice porridge, soup, toast, apples, bananas, and tea.

Tip 11: Take Quick Digestible Foods

As dengue majorly affects the liver, there is impaired liver function. So it becomes very important to supply the body with easy-to-digest food wherein the liver can rest and regenerate its cells…

So that body doesn’t have to do the extra effort in converting complex food into simple forms. After the patient’s intake improves so the focus from hydrating the patient is to start with a high protein diet.

Tip 12: Avoid Non-Veg Food

Protein-rich foods have to be included in the diet like milk and its products, pulses, eggs, fish, chicken, etc. Many times doctors suggest avoiding non-veg food.

Non-veg foods have more chances of infection and bacteria. So if it is not cooked properly or not cleaned, it can cause infection and may add to the days of recovery. But if you are sure of your cooking method you can very well eat your meat made in less oil and spice.

Tip 13: Continue Take Minerals After Fever Gone

A high protein and calorie diet are recommended even after the fever is gone to restore all the resources of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats in the body.

Tip 13: Continue Take Minerals After Fever Gone

I have seen many patients suffering from major weakness even after a month or so. They are not able to perform their activities as before. So your body needs to be replenished with nutrients and also give good rest to your body.


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