Does A Smart TV Need A Cable Box?

It is finally time to say goodbye to your old TV that only showed content from a cable, HDTV antenna, or A/V source. Today, the heavily interlinked world wants you to explore something a little smarter. With strong processors, easy-to-navigate software, and internet connectivity, the modern-day TV is more like a tablet or smartphone than the tube TV of the past.

It can be intimidating to keep up with all of the capabilities that modern connected TVs offer. If you have not purchased a TV in the past couple of years, you might be amazed to know that most TVs today fall in the smart TVs category, with internet access and apps for smart home function and streaming.

What Is A Smart TV?

A smart TV offers internet connectivity and support for a variety of apps. This allows you to enter into a world of incredible entertainment options, from checking social media and playing games to streaming videos on Hulu and Netflix, including the top Google Home and Alexa compatible devices. It incorporates an operating system that enables you to manage, access, and watch online and network-based media content even in the absence of an additional box like Fire Stick or Roku. 

How Does A Smart TV Function?

Smart TVs gain access to online content by connecting to the same Wi-Fi or Ethernet network and broadband router that you use to connect your computer with. Ethernet supplies a steady connection, but if you have placed your TV in a room distant from your router, Wi-Fi might be more suitable.

Once you connect and turn on your TV, you will be asked to input the login information, as per your internet service provider requirement.  The smart TV will show you an on-screen menu with a list of all available internet channels in the form of apps. Some of these come preloaded, and you can always download more to your TV’s app library.

If you want to enjoy your TV everywhere you go, Spectrum cable offers a TV app that allows you to enjoy more than 60 live channels anytime and anywhere. 

Can I Get A Smart TV Without A Cable Box?

After conducting thorough research from the cable TV providers in my area by zip code, we found out that most providers give their customers the option of getting a cable TV without a cable box, which helps them in paring down additional equipment-leasing fees. But without a cable box, you cannot enjoy a mix of digital cable channels or services.

If you wish to continue watching the same channels you have, you will need a cable box. Otherwise, there is no way you can get the same stations or channels. 

Whether or not you want to subscribe to a paid cable plan to enjoy your favorite shows is a different question. Several channels like HBO provide their own streaming apps. Moreover, you can watch all the famous shows on services like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix.

Bottom Line

When buying a TV, almost all models and brands offer some kind of smart functionality that increases your viewing options. However, look out for variations in pay-per-view costs, content access, additional subscription, security issues, and the requirement to balance the appeal of a specific smart TV with other significant factors like physical connectivity, sound quality, and picture quality. 


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