Writer E. Jean Carrol accused Donald Trump of rape

She said that Trump raped her in the dressing room of a department store in 1996.

New York (Rotohog – Nov 26, 2022 – Khushbakht Junaid)

Jean Carrol, a writer accused former USA president of rape for the second time. According to her the incident took place 27 years ago.

She filed a case against Trump after a new state law that allow victims of rape to sue over attacks that took place decades ago.

Carroll, a longtime advice column for magazine, first claimed in a 2019 book that Trump raped her in the dressing room of a department store in 1996.

Trump responded to her writers’ allegations by saying it never happened because she’s “not my type.”

His comments prompted Carroll to file a defamation suit against him, but a judge decided to determine whether he would be protected from legal claims over comments made during his tenure as president. The case was heard in the Court of Appeals.

Previously, under state law, Carroll was barred from filing a complaint about the alleged rape because years had passed since the incident.

But new New York law gives a sex crime victim his second chance to file a lawsuit if he misses the deadline associated with the statute of limitations.

Carroll’s latest ability to sue Trump for rape could help her avoid a potentially destructive legal error in her basic defamation lawsuit.Kaplan, who is leading a defamation lawsuit filed by A. Carroll three years before her, may decide to include the new allegations in the trial, which is scheduled to take place in the spring.

Trump’s current lawyer said this week he wasn’t sure if he would defend him against the new allegations.

Carroll’s attorney, Kaplan, who had nothing to do with the judge, said at a court hearing this week that her new allegations shouldn’t require much additional evidence gathering. She already put a copy of the new bill into the original file last week. Trump and Carroll both have testified before.

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