International artists to hold Illustrations in Dubai shopping festival

Renowned artists from around the world are displaying the collection in Dubai for the first time.

Dubai shopping festival is now here with all the attractive and fun lights in the city. “The Spark Within” is the theme that features numerous art installations with lights that are on display around the key places in Dubai mainly at Dubai Design District and City walk.

As a part of the Dubai festival, the 10 well-known international artists will exhibit their marvelous collections in Dubai for the very first time. The Dubai festival started on 15 Dec and will be running till 29 Jan 2023.
The Chairman of Amsterdam Light Festival and Light Art Collection, Felix Guttman, said:

“Light art is understood by everyone. It triggers, makes people reflect, gets them to engage, and makes them dream.”

Let’s have a look at some of the very attractive illustrations exhibited at City Walk:

Light Piano 2.0 by Arion de Munck, Mark Ridder

This art illustration expresses that music and image can be one. This art figure is consisting of cubes that are connected to the piano keys. The audience can play the piano as well as play the lights. Its musical effect will echo in the ears and vibrate in the heart.

Bunch of Tulips by Koros Design

It is the explanation of the Dutch tulip mania. The art connection pays tribute to the Netherlands for the export of 2 billion bulbs in 2015. This pop art creation re-forms tulips in a big blowup installation.

C/C (Angela Chong)

This attractive sculpture lightens up in the dark and can also be used as a bench to sit on. This masterpiece is set up Infront of the backside of Burj Khalifa making it an Instagramable spot for audiences.

Tornado by Uxu Studio

This artwork is a beautiful piece that represents a tornado made up of lights. The tornado here displays the natural wonders with a glorious fantasy that appears in the city with a surprise, fear for people, or captivation. That’s what the artist tries to explore here.

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