Winter vacations spot for Dubai residents that are budget-friendly

You will love these places that are economical and within your budget.

The winter vacation of the year in Dubai is just around the corner and you must be looking for some good options to spend the holidays with your family within your allocated budget.

Don’t worry, some places are best for celebrating Christmas or spending quality time with your loved ones.
Let’s have a look here:


The Dubai residents are already aware of the neighboring country Oman. Although it is not as glamorous as Dubai, the mountains cape and blue-green waters are the unique identities of Oman. If you are a beach person and love to spend some time escaping into the wild then you must visit Musandam, one of the best places to enjoy your day.

You can reach Oman by road in your car, there is no need to spend your money on air tickets. The average time to travel by car is 3 to 4 hours.


If you are missing snow or want to go to some cool place then Armenia is your destination. A comparatively cheap place with a great architectural legacy. Armenia is one of the oldest seats of Christianity. It has many spirited churches. Armenia is famous for minced meat dishes.

The average traveling time from Dubai to Armenia by air is 3.5 hours. Airfare rates start from Dh550 per head.


Jordan is a place for those who enjoy nature, open air, and man-made towers. Jordan has a beautiful city Petra which is known as “Rose city” and one of the 7 wonders of the world. Jordan is full of sandstone buildings, museums, forts, waterbodies, and great monuments.

The average time by air is 3 hours from Dubai. The airfare rate starts from Dh300 per head.


Turkey is known for having the most beautiful mosques and monuments. Moreover, it has architectural wonders, bazaars, and the tastiest sweets. Turkey is one of the best options to spend your winter vacation.
Airfare rates start from Dh500 per head and the average air travel time from Dubai is 3.5 hours.

These are the best destinations to enjoy your winter vacations either solo or with the family and within your budget. Just choose the right time to book your tickets and accommodation as early as possible to avoid the rising cost. Happy travels!

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