Eddie Griffin Net Worth, Professional Life, and More!

Eddie Griffin Net Worth – $4 million

Eddie Griffin Net Worth $4 million
Real Name Edward Rubin “Eddie” Griffin
Date of Birth 15th July 1968
Nationality American
Profession Actor and Comedian
Age 52
Height 5’7”
Weight 70 kg
Children 1


The famous American actor Eddie Griffin was born on 15th July 1968. he is an amazing stand-up comedian who has an estimated net worth of $4 million. He became famous because he discussed the topics such as African-American culture, politics, and sexuality.

Eddie appeared in a wide range of film and television projects. Among many projects, Malcolm & Eddie’s sitcom Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigalo is the most famous. Eddie also spent six months in prison after exposing the use of marijuana.


Eddie Griffin


Well, when he came out of jail, he did odd jobs to support himself, like dancing and painting houses. He was involved in an open mic event in 1989 where he told funny family stories. After that, Eddie managed to secure many gigs around L. A., and steadily built his reputation. Moreover, he ranked number 62 among the greatest stand-up comedians.

There are a lot of films in which he worked so well, such as The Meteor Man in 1993, Deuce Bigalow in 1999, Doubletake in 2001. His role in Deuce Bigalow was reprised.

Besides, some notable films that also hit on the box office are Nprbit, All About the Money, A star was Is Born, The Comeback Trail, and many more. Meanwhile, some in his voice acting career roles in tv were also amazing in “ The Boonddocks’ and “Woke.”

At the age of 16, Eddie Griffin married Carla and then married again in 2002.
The third wife of Eddie was Nia Rivers. They married in 2011, but it was also ended. After that, he married Ko Lee griffin. Eddie is earning a handsome amount of money. However, in 2007, his Ferrari Enzo crashed, and he lost $1.5 million.


Eddie Griffin

Eddie Griffin

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