Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2: Release Date and Gameplay of Upcoming part 2

Final Fantasy remake part one came a few months ago and got global success. After part one, now fans are really waiting to anticipate in part 2. No release date is announced yet because both the producer and director have already announced that the game is in the development phase.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the production slowed down; therefore, Square Enix plans spoiled. Yoshinori Kitase said, ” our team is still working for another game via remote working. our performance below down, and it can affect in the long run.”

We have played the first installment; therefore, we have a pretty idea of what will be the gameplay and battle system. Well, players some changes in final fantasy VII to part one such as map design and players personalities.

In the first game, the world opens up when players depart Midgar and free to explore Gaea. In part one, predefined corridors are kept to guide the players. The side quests, along with the opportunity to go back to locations, are available at some stages.

Here is the question is that what players are demanding in part 2

It should be starting to use by linear corridors and funnel players. Moreover, there will be more open-world gameplay design. The second part will be different than part one in terms of look and alleys of Midgar.

Well, players want to know about teh Wutai’s role, and I think in the next stages, Wutai has a prominent role. If he has a major role, that means the team is rethinking about the game’s seven playable characters. In the more depth of final fantasy VII story, Yuffie and Wutai have the potential to benefit FF7 fans.

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