Free! Season 4: Get The Release Date Predictions About The Anime Series!

Under the direction of Hiroko Utsumi and Eisaku Kawanami, Free is a Japanese anime TV series written by Masahiro Yokotani. Moreover, Kyoto Animation and Animation Do is producing this series and getting a good response from fans around the globe.

The story of this series was adapted from a novel of Koji Oji “High Speed.” The story of the “Free” is an amazing tale that grasps the hearts of its viewers.

The series has already released 3 seasons. And now the team is renewing the serial for another season 4.

The serial hit out for the first in 2013, whereas the last season was premiered in 2018. The viewers are like to have more and more as they love this anime. They can’t afford to remove this anime from their screens

Therefore, now the fans are expecting the season 4 eagerly to watch on their screens.

Season 4 Arrival

Once the news is officially confirmed, this text is going to be updated with the relevant information. Within the meantime, it’s possible to take a position about when, or if, the Free! The season 4 premiere date will occur within the future.

It is expecting that the upcoming untitled Free! 2021 movie is scheduled round the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

However, it’s likely that Free! Season 4 may not release until 2022 or beyond. But the question arising here is whether or not the movie will depict story events before the most event or jump right in.

Starting with the primary season, Kyoto Animation started teasing fans about what to expect. The top card proclaimed, “See You Next Summer,” and the second season was about summer.

That season ended with a Rin and Haruka on the planet stage. And therefore, the words, “For the longer term.

“And the Free Season 3 included the word “future” within the title. Similarly, the third season of this anime series “Take Your Marks” ended by hinting the message of “See You Next Stage.”

On the other hand, the previous trailers of the series for the upcoming movie reference are “Free! Road To 2020.”

Therefore, it shows Kyoto Animation is trying to maximize the summer Olympics’ timing in the real world. The ending of the new anime series will likely reference succeeding development within the storylines.

Free Season 4 Further Details

However, fans are getting more happy and excited after having the Free Season 4 trailer.

As all of the viewers may know that season 3 is about to secure the future time. Now everyone is anxious to know that the story of season 4 will hit out the series or drop down to the ground. Similarly, the story of “Free season 2” leads the serial to season three.

However, you can hope that the 2021 film is expecting to set the story amazingly for Free Season 4. And you will get it on your screen soon.


However, Free! Season 4 is expecting to out about exploring Olympic honor. And it is not just the road leading up to the massive event? Let’s hope and wait for the “Free Season 4” isn’t too long.

However, Stay tuned with us to get the latest news and updates about the anime!

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