God of War: What’s The New Mythology of Sony Santa Monica Franchise!

One of the most massive first-party PlayStation franchise game from Sony Santa Monica ” God of War” debuted in 2005. The last instalment of the war focuses on Norse mythology, and everyone was so impressed because the game was commercially successful in 2018.

It became the solidity of single-player games in another sequel. There is no officially revealed reports bt let’s talk about all the possible spoilers of the game.

Release Date of God Of War

Sony Santa did not reveal the release date of God of War 5 but the director Cory Barlog stated that the new instalment would not take five years to develop as like 2018. So we expect that the God of War 5 will come a little earlier before or in 2022.

Trailer and Gameplay

the trailer is not officially announced; therefore, we would wait for some more years.
The story of God of war will explore the story of Norse mythology as the original God of War did, greek mythology.

This game released in April 2018 and the Aaron Kaufman confirmed that the next delivery would follow the Norse which allows players to play and understand that it’s not necessary to play the original game.

The developer did not launch the other seven games. well, it looks that Freya 5 will be the main antagonist in God of War. It will represent the Gods Nordic Deaths such as Odin, Thor and Loki. Loke and Kratis will face the Thor, Odin and Freya and it would be the conclusion to the Nordic stories.

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