Thanksgiving 2020: Tradition, History & Meaning!

Thanksgiving Day always takes place on the fourth Thursday of November each year. It precedes Black Friday. It is a national holiday and celebrated in the USA and Canada.

Other states, such as the Philippines, Netherlands, Grenada, and Saint Lucia, also celebrate this holiday. Thanksgiving Day indicates appreciation; people have towards their God for having love and incessant grace, signals the Holiday season’s start.

This year, it will be on the 26th of November. Nowadays people are getting ready for this festive event.

What is Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday traditionally celebrated where people gathered to eat a special meal. European colonists celebrate this after their journey towards America. Thanksgiving Day is also celebrated in several islands of the Caribbean.

People in the UK celebrated their Thanksgiving according to their style. However, the concept of this day is not widely experiential. People of the different states are celebrating it in their mode and fashion.

Most of the people spend time with families and friends. They prepare a special meal for Thanksgiving Day. Their meal may include turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, potatoes, and vegetables. It is a time to say thanks for having different blessings in the past year. People in the USA especially celebrate Thanksgiving Day to appreciate what they have.

They thank God for the food they have at the end of the Harvest season. Various celebrations signal the beginning of the shopping season for Christmas. People find this day on the fourth day of the weekend, so it’s a good time to go out with families.

It is an official holiday, so the schools, government offices, and other institutes remain off on Thanksgiving Day. This holiday also creates traffics jam and massive crowds of people on roads. It can cause blockage and congestion. Expected parades and football games may obstruct public traffic. People in America gathered to drink, watch football games, and eat a meal with their families.

History of Thanksgiving Day

Each year, the fourth Thursday of November is known as Thanksgiving Day in America. Abraham Lincoln, first president of America, officially announced the event as the last Thursday in November. In 1939 president Franklin D Roosevelt set this date in stone. History shows the Congress approved it officially in 1941. Good autumn harvest promoted Thanksgiving and Plymouth feast in 1621.

Wampanoag Indians and Plymouth colonists collectively share the harvest meal. It is the first celebration of Thanksgiving Day among the people of the colonies. After two or more centuries, the day of Thanksgiving became popular in different countries and settlements in a modern way. Modern eras of celebration make it an official holiday for celebration.

Americans celebrate this day as an official holiday since 1983. Everyone does not take it as a cause of celebration. With the period, it gained popularity and was hailed as a joyful event. Black Friday, a famous day for discounted sales, is right after Thanksgiving. It highlights the retail discounts with significant sales volume.

When is Thanksgiving Day

The fourth Thursday of November is famous for the celebration of Thanksgiving Day in America. It is on 26th November this year. American will celebrate this festive event with full energy on 26th November. On the other hand, the day after Thanksgiving is also known as Black Friday. Black Friday after Thanksgiving Day begins with the shopping for the Christmas season. Canadian always set the second Monday of October to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

Upcoming Observances of Thanksgiving Day

Weekend Day-Date Year

  • Thursday 26th November 2020
  • Thursday 25th November 2021
  • Thursday 24th November 2022

Moreover, the history of Thanksgiving Day tells us it was first celebrated in 1621. Many people add some modern attributes to the celebration of this event. People of focal areas also have parades with giant balloons, brass bands.

However, in the city of New York, Macy’s Day Parade is one of the famous parades. People in Canada celebrate this event with the full charm on the second Monday of October.

It is celebrated to thank for having a good autumn harvest. People make a special traditional feast to share with family. Turkey is the most common dish of the event. Moreover, Americans will celebrate this event with ecstasy and thrill. Thanksgiving Day reveals the memory of pilgrims for having their first plentiful harvest in the rock of Plymouth. It is a time to be with loved ones, thank for having the blessing, celebrate and eat a meal.

Travel towards your loved ones before the day of celebration. Join them on Thanksgiving Day to be a part of the festival on 26th November 2020.

Final words

Traditionally, Happy Thanksgiving Day is famous for sharing a customary meal with family and friends. People travel long to be with fellows, friends, and family to celebrate it. “Turkey” is a famous traditional dish for the celebration.

Besides all, it cooked almost in every house on Thanksgiving. Moreover, corn dishes are also cooked to celebrate the event. Cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie are also part of a traditional feast.

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