HDSector Proxy 2020: List of HD Sector Unblock Mirrors!

HDSector proxy sites are torrent proxy sites that allow its users to urge access to torrents and magnet links and upload or download torrents. For improving the standard & credibility of each single torrent file there’s individual staff and moderator.

About HDSector

The HDSectror is a great torrent site with which you can able to upload or download torrents as well. The website has been providing High-quality torrents for movies, TV Shows, Music, Applications, EBooks, and Software for several years. This website also looks pretty clean on the primary visit, and you’ll find the torrents easily. On the house page, you’ll see an inventory of recommended torrents, latest torrents, and music torrents. Users also can upload and download torrents from the HDSector torrents website. Its staff and moderator then check every torrent file for quality and authenticity. So you’ll confidently move and download torrents from this site as you’ll get high-quality torrents.

However, everything wasn’t as smooth because the recent regulations have tightened on this type of torrent sites. The HDsector has got to face much infringement of copyright suits. This website has been banned in many countries including the United Kingdom, India, Australia, and lots of other countries. So, if you’re a daily user of HDSector torrents and located that recently it’s not working for you.

So here, I will be able to provide a tutorial on the way to unblock HDsector with the assistance HD Sector proxy listing to you.

But, due to law like enforcement crackdown, ultimately, the celebrity of HDsector torrent site started declining gradually. Current regulations have constricted freedom of this type of torrent sites. However, if you’re a regular visitor of the HDSector torrent website, you’ll come to know that HDsector isn’t working for you.

But, don’t worry because I even have given you an updated list of HDSector Proxy and Mirror websites.

List of HDSector Proxy/Mirror Sites

All the HD Sector proxy sites are the clones of the first site HD Sector. The simplest part is that all of them allow you to access equivalent content from a comparable database. Whereas, most of the HD Sector proxy websites have the same layout, content, torrents, and updates. The only way they’re different is that all of them are hosted on a unique name, for users to urge access in several regions. HDSector Proxy websites are hosted in those countries where HDSector isn’t blocked yet.

So, if you’re unable to browse HDSector for any reason, you’ll use one among these HDSector Proxy/Mirror sites to urge access to the torrents.

HDSector Free Premium Proxy List

HDSector proxy/Mirrors Website URL
https://hdsector.to/ https://hdsector.to/
Unblock HDSector https://fileup.cf/
HDSector Unblocked Mirrors https://siteon.cf/
https://youproxy.ga/  https://youproxy.ga/
HDSector Mirror https://unblocked.tk/
HDSector Proxy List https://hdsector.proxy-list.pw/

HDSector Ultra-Fast Proxy List For Free

Unblock HDSector Movies https://hdsector.mrunlock.pro/
HDSector Web Proxy https://webproxy.pw/
HDSector Unblocked Proxy https://unlocksites.pw/
Google Translate Unblock HDSector
Free HDSector Mirror https://unblocksito.gq/
HDSector USA Proxy https://proxfree.ml/
Bypass HDSector Proxy https://123bypass.tk/
Fast HDSector Proxy https://hdsector.proxybay.download/


In several regions, these websites may be banned along with Australia, UK, and India or other different international areas. However, if you are a regular visitor of HDSector or find that the site is not working for you now. Don’t be fell any uneasiness. This HDSector proxy site will help you to get the desired tasks. This will assist you to get direct access to these torrents via this site.

How to Unblock HDSector Proxy

If you are tracked by your ISP for torrent usage or download any pirated content, you’ll face a penalty for that.

If the leading site HDSector is up and running but blocked for you. Then you’ll unblock these ISP level restrictions by using these tools below.

  • Download speeds: the users can download their torrents safely and quickly.
  • Founding date: the longer a torrent site has been active, the more reliable files are there for you.
  • If the site is banned: you need to install any type of VPN to get access to any country in which it is working.
  • Any proxy/mirror sites: if your ISP bans the site, you can use a mirror site or proxy to connect.

Tor Browser

Tor Browser wisely won’t unblock any Geo-Restricted sites a bit like HDSectror. The technical specification allows TOR Browser to try to cause, so In TOR, browsing on the web anonymously made possible due to the System of computers connected to every other.



But proxy sites will never keep your safety, which sometimes may lead to hampering your internet connection. The likelihood of injury to your PC is additionally there. Albeit, that’s the primary thought that comes in our mind while accessing any blocked website is employing a third internet Proxy.

However, using a VPN while surfing such sites is often an all-time simple solution to all problems. VPNs mainly allow users to vary their IP address by changing the country.

HDSector Alternatives


However, Movies4U is banned in many international countries like Australia, England, and India. If you are one of them who are unable to use Movies4U then the proxy sites and HDSector will help you to get rid of it. And by using this site, you can get access to banned websites directly.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the leading torrent sites. Its many torrents in almost every category of digital media you’ll guess. However, torrents range from your usual movies, TV shows, eBooks, and adult content to games.

In its operation, The Pirate Bay has faced several trials. It changes its name often to avoid blocks, but you’ll always gain access by employing some of the mirror or proxy sites. Therefore, Pirate Bay is prevented in almost 28 countries, so although you’ll be ready to access the web site.

One of the foremost helpful features is that the search box, which automatically ranks torrents with the foremost seeds to the highest of all search result pages. This makes it easy to seek out safe, popular, and fast torrents. You’ll also customize the order of your results by the upload date, file size, and more.

  • This site was found in the year of 2003.
  • Blocked almost in 28 regions, like the UK, China, Russia, and the USA.
  • Over 3,300,000 torrents
  • It will support instant downloads
  • Average downloading speed is 65.9 Mbps
  • Proxies/mirror sites: thepiratebay.zone, pirateproxy.live, piratebay1.info

Kickass Torrents

Similar to The Pirate Bay, Kickass features a massive library of torrents and an equally large community. You’re likely to seek out the content you would like with an honest number of seeds. This leads to a quick download and less time spent searching. Once on the location, you’ll notice its minimal advertising and responsive load times. You’ll need a top-quality VPN to access the location as it’s blocked in many countries.

The site offers a comprehensive breakdown of data on each torrent. It shows you the individual files included within the game installation instructions, torrent, album art screenshots of videos, or even quick links to alternative downloads.

While Kickass features a large community sharing files, one area it doesn’t rank well in is torrent feedback. Most torrents have empty comment sections, making it hard to seek out peer reviews of which files are good or bad.

  • This site was found in 2008
  • It is not working in several international regions like the US, the UK, and Australia.
  • You will get 28,000 options at the time of browsing and millions when searching.
  • It will support instant downloads.
  • Average download speed of the site is 53 Mbps
  • Proxies/mirror sites: https://kickasstorrent.cr/, https://kickasstorrents.to/, https://kickass.cd/


RARBG has an intuitive interface, a comprehensive library of torrents, and in-depth information on each torrent. Its constant updates mean there’s always new content. You’ll find the current box office hits or search bar to seek out a selected file. Being a well-liked torrent site, it is blocked for a lot of nations. But don’t worry with a good VPN you can get direct access to its content.

You will find these torrents on RARBG to be super simple. Television shows and movies usually feature screen-shots directly on the page of the torrent. Album art, software, and posters brand images appear in pop-ups once you move on your mouse over according to the outcomes. However, the visitors can comment on the box and star ratings on torrent pages to highlights the standard of the file.

RARBG has almost no ads and super-fast load times when choosing files. It’s a “threat defense” page that needs you to enter a CAPTCHA for browser verification. However, this page is usually slow and infrequently fails to load altogether.

  • It was found in the year of 2008.
  • Banned in countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UK, Ireland, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia.
  • 800,000+ torrents
  • It will not support instant downloads
  • Average download speed of the site is 91.6 Mbps
  • Proxies/mirror sites: rarbg.com/, rarbgmirror.com/, rarbgto.org/


If you’ve been torrenting for a short time, you’ve likely heard of YIFY. Now referred to as YTS, this site is legendary for its fast speeds, high-quality torrents, and a vast library of films. The advantage of YTS is you get top-quality torrents with a small file size — great if you’ve got limited bandwidth.

YTS features a user-friendly interface that incorporates embedded trailers, similar movie suggestions, and a cast synopsis. The downside is that YTS only hosts movies. If you’re trying to find eBooks, music, or games, you’ll need to visit an exclusive site.

The current yts.am and yts.gd sites have tons of pop-ups that would compromise your privacy. Confirm a VPN protects you with an ad-blocker —NordVPN may be a great choice with its CyberSec malware protection.

  • It was found in 2011.
  • It is blocked in several countries like the US, Iceland, the UK, Greece, Ireland, Australia, and others.
  • 8,000+ torrents
  • It will not support instant downloads.
  • The average download speed of the site is 30.1 Mbps.
  • Proxies/mirror sites: yts.am, ytss.unblocked.is/, yts.pm/


EZTV has become the highest torrent site for TV shows. It is often thanks to its fantastic selection of shows, clean and ad-free interface, and range of resolution options. The site initially registered as a not-for-profit group to avoid “profit from piracy” charges.

Unfortunately, EZTV still faced various legal battles, and scammers eventually claimed its original domain. Thanks to these issues, EZTV offers a bigger selection of older shows compared to newer releases. There isn’t a choice to download full seasons, so you’ve got to torrent each episode individually.

  • The site was found in 2015.
  • It is blocked in the UK, Australia, and other regions.
  • 155,000+ torrents.
  • It will support instant downloads
  • The average download speed is 110.4 Mbps.
  • Proxies/mirror sites: eztv.unblocker.cc, eztv.re, eztv.ch

A reliable VPN with fast speeds will make downloading chapters a fast and secure process.


1337x’s design makes finding torrents easy. It’s on-page torrent information and arranged media categories. You can’t filter your searches in one click from the homepage, but more category options appear after an initial search.

Because of the third most up-to-date torrent site within the world, you’ll find everything from old movies to new films, TV shows, music, and games. However, not all 1337x files are safe — some torrents have malware or spyware in their archives. To download from 1337x safely, use a VPN with malware protection, like NordVPN.

  • It was found in 2007
  • It is banned in the UK, Australia, Ireland, and Austria.
  • 2,400,000+ torrents
  • It will not support quick download
  • The average downloading speed is 69.4 Mbps.
  • Proxies/mirror sites: 1337x.tel, 1337xto.pw, 1337xto.in


LimeTorrents may be a great alternative to RARBG, with an identical interface and speed. It’s a comprehensive tracker list and directories of their hottest recent torrents.

LimeTorrents’ interface is straightforward to use if you’re inexperienced with torrenting. LimeTorrents focuses on newer files, so older torrents aren’t as easy to seek out. Despite hosting almost 10 million files, you would possibly not always find what you’re trying to find.

  • It was found in 2009
  • It is banned in the UK, Australia, France, and others
  • 9,800,000+ torrents
  • It will support quick downloads.
  • The average downloading speed is 39.1 Mbps.
  • Proxies/mirror sites: limetorrents.zone, limetorrents.in, limetorrents.co/


Torrentz2 may be a basic torrent program that consists of a home page. It scans every torrent site in its database for your search terms and lists the websites that provide related torrents. You then choose the location that hosts the torrent file or magnet link directly. If you recognize what you’re trying to find and need a summary of your torrent choices, Torrentz2 is incredibly useful.

It’s an excellent place to seek out alternative options if your regular torrent site doesn’t have the content you would like. All searches are run supported your keywords, which suggests some options get overlooked.

Be specific to form sure you get the precise content you’re trying to find. It didn’t provide links itself for copyrighted material. The first Torrentz had legal issues and packed up. Torrentz2.eu, its current site, reportedly indexes over 60 million torrents from around the web.

  • It was found in 2016.
  • It is not banned in any country because it is working as a torrent search engine.
  • 61,000,000 torrents or more.
  • Average download speed: 86.9 Mbps (download speed from ETTV)
  • Proxies/mirror sites: https://torrentz2.eu/, https://torrentz2.cc/


TorLock is a pervasive platform where you can uploads torrents from anywhere. It has a fantastic list of titles like software, movies, music, TV shows, and software. It is best for eBooks, and anime which are not easy to find from other platforms.

The best feature of TorLock is the guarantee of only valid torrents. If you find a fake torrent, you can report it to TorLock, and it will be paid $1. However, no torrent site is doing this action. And it is a fantastic feature that will help the site to keep working safely.

But don’t think that TorLock is easy to operate. Download links are hard to find and misleading. Sometimes you will find trouble knowing what to click on to get the legitimate file.

  • It was found in 2010
  • It is blocked in India, the UK, and Australia only.
  • 4,500,000+ torrents
  • It will support quick downloads.
  • The average downloading speed is 59.7 Mbps
  • Proxies/mirror sites: t0rlock1.unblocked.lol, torlock.unblocked.bet/

Protect Your Privacy – Hdsector

You will never be unknown while downloading papers from the BitTorrent network. Even the P2P article sharing-based system are often exceptionally non-centralized.

Using a VPN to cover your IP address may prevent you from an online provider tracker.

Conclusion: HDSector Proxy

That’s all for now. It is often far and away from the only thanks to getting access to the content provided by HDSector and HDSector proxy sites. However, there’s no need for any quite modifications on your PC, nor does one got to download any quite setup.

I have tried to inform you of the simplest HD Sector proxy links. Therefore, I hope this text was helpful.

If you’ve got any queries or doubts in your mind regarding HD Sector proxy, let us know by typing in the comment box below. We will revisit you as soon as possible.


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