Henry Rollins Net Worth, Notable Work and More!

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Henry Rollins Net Worth – $6 million

Net Worth $6 million
Real Name Henry Lawrence Garfield
Date of Birth 13th February 1961
Nationality American
Profession Musician, Actor, Author Producer, Artist
Age 60 years old
Height 5’9”
Weight 80 kg
Children 1


Henry Rollins celebrating birthday

Henry Rollins is an American actor and journalist born in 1961 in Washington, DC. Rollins dropped out of the American University in 1979. After that, he started working to make ends meet. The estimated net worth of Henry Rollins is $6 million. He earned this money through his career in music, movies, television, and radio.

In addition, he performed well with a variety of bands that started his own record and publishing company. Henry picked up a gig as a roadie for the band and able to single with a group. Later a year, he joined the Extorts and became part of Black Flag in 1981.

Moreover, he contributed to six albums such as Damaged, My War, Loose Nut, and In My Head. The first radio program of Henry was “ Harmony In My Head” that aired on 19th May 2004. In1993, he appeared in Alternative Nation and MTV Sports in 1994.

Furthermore, some famous shows such as Welcome to Paradox, Unsolved Mysteries, VH1 Legend, Full Metal Challenge are included in his television work. His voice was also used for the character of Mad Stan in 1999 and 2000 in Batman Beyond and in 2009 to the character of Trucker in American Dad.

Henry’s most amazing movie collection is The Slog Movie, Black Flag Live, Kiss Napoleon Goodbye, and Green Lantern.

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