How To Create An Effective Wholesale Line Sheet?

What is a line sheet? Does it really help you increase sales? Every business, no matter how big or small it wants to grow and earn profits. But it is only possible when it succeeds in bringing more and more customers. A line sheet is a document that helps businesses creating a great first impression on potential customers. 

A wholesale line sheet is an essential sales tool for every brand. So, what are you waiting for? Browse the web and find the product information sheet sample to create an effective sheet to impress your customers.

What exactly a line sheet is?

Selling one product is completely a different thing than selling a hundred different products. It is impossible to show every product to your potential client. They need to take a look at the products before deciding whether or not to buy it.

A line sheet is an effective sales tool used by brands to present their product line to wholesale buyers. They contain images and text describing the product in fewer words. It is necessary to understand that line sheets are not only for fashion brands. Every wholesale business that has a product line needs a line sheet. The benefit of creating this effective document is that it helps businesses creating a great impression as they have all their product information in one place.

It is also necessary to mention here that a line sheet is different than a catalog. In fact, it is a catalog in miniature. In simple words, the purpose of creating a line sheet is to provide all the product information in one place so that buyer can make a decision. But you need to be precise. 

Create an effective line sheet:

Creating a line sheet can be an overwhelming task if you are making it for the first time. You need to make sure that your sheet contains all the information the buyer needs to make a decision. To make things easier online templates are available too.

Following information you should include in a line sheet:


  • Basic information:


First of all, you should add the basic information in the line sheet:

  • Business name
  • Business logo
  • Your name
  • Contact information (phone number, email address, etc.)
  • The brand story in a few words


  • Wholesale information:


Then comes the section in which you have to include the wholesale information:

Order minimums:

This can be in $ or number of items per sale

Accepting payments:

What payment methods you accept? Do you accept payment through PayPal or credit card?

Lead time:

How fast you fill and ship the order?

Shipping policy:

Who will pay the shipping cost, you or the customer?

Return policy:

Do you accept returns damaged during transit? Do you accept products returned for a reason other than damage? 


Don’t forget to mention the date when the information provided in the line sheet will expire. 


  • Product line:


Then comes another important part of the line sheet where you have to be creative to impress the potential client. In this part, you tell the customer about what you have to offer to him.

Product image:

Include the product image, and don’t try to get fancy. Add product images with a white background. Colorful background diverts the attention.

Product name and number:

  • Number the products the way you want to
  • Add the range of colors and sizes available
  • Retail price/wholesale price

You must include all the information required by a buyer. It will help him make a decision. Your line sheet must best represent your product mix in front of the potential buyer. Bear in mind that the line sheet you create must be precise. Do not include long descriptions as the buyer does not have enough to read long paragraphs. 

Your contact information should be easy to find. It is better to add it to the top of every page. You should state the terms and conditions clearly. There should be no ambiguity at all.

Should I create a line sheet?

There is a myth that line sheets are only for fashion brands. As a matter of fact, it is an essential selling tool that plays a vital role in increasing profits. So, create an effective line sheet and bring more and more customers to your business. 

But creating a line sheet is not that easy as you cannot write long paragraphs. You have to use fewer words to tell customers about your business. Use high-quality images in a line sheet as low-quality product images do not leave a good impression. Also, choose the font style and size according to the image you have used. Make sure that the images are clear enough to see. Take pictures from all sides so that the potential buyer can see how it looks like.

If you are thinking of creating a line sheet, then you have two options. You can hire a graphic designer to do the job, but they are pretty expensive to hire. So, the best option is to use templates. When you use line sheet templates, you have to just add the information in the given fields, and you are ready to impress your clients. Just make sure that you do not mess things up in the line sheet. Do not make the buyer search for the information. Provide him the details necessary to place an order.

Summing up:

In today’s fierce competition, it is not easy to be a successful brand. You need to work hard on many things to achieve your goals. Creating a line sheet can increase your sales. You can really impress your potential customers by creating an effective line sheet. You give all the required information in the sheet, which enables the buyer to decide whether it is worth buying your products or not. Bear in mind that eye-catching sales material can give your brand a leg up in the competition.

So, what are you waiting for? Create a wholesale line sheet as it is the time to impress the potential buyers.

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