How to look perfect this spring?

Before we begin, let me tell enlighten you with a fact – no perfect look suits all.

A dress that looks lousy and unkempt on you might look bomb on your friend. Meaning: a perfect look is something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

With that said, there are a few primary ingredients to craft the most up-to-date looks.

Of course, you must pay attention to the weather conditions prevailing around. Is it hot or warm? Is it cold or chilly? What should you do when it is crazy hot in the morning, and temps drop at night time? The trick is to put on a stylish spring outfit.

1. The best basics to put on

If you have a bunch of solids in your wardrobe, you can mix and match with ease. Adding accessories on those will be a cherry on the top. Here are a few pieces you should start with:

The light jacket: A lightweight jacket is a perfect item for chilly weather. A trench coat will also cut. But bomber jackets and denim jackets are all the rage for now. We suggest you look up for genuine leather jacket mens or women to put the finger on your favorite colors.

The elevated tee: A T-shirt in the fabric like neoprene or cashmere will add a touch of elegance to your overall appearance. You can pair it with white pants or denim.

The easy dress: A dress is an all-rounder. You can easily pull it off every season. The core is to find a piece with a chic silhouette, put it on each morning, and make a bang out there!

White trainers: White trainers are a fantastic tool to bring a minimalist edge to your spring attire. Look for an article made of leather or sturdy canvas with neat details.

The cropped pants: Cropped trousers look relaxed but tailored too. Ideally, it would be great to get a pair that sits mid-waist and cut above the ankle.

2. Strike a combo

Finding different combinations to wear clothes already in your closet can be an uphill battle. But pairing a top you wear every day with something you rarely put on can be pretty fun!

Below, we have rounded up some incredible outfits you should give a shot:

Pastel Suits

Even if you are struggling with space issues in your closet, you can’t resist a pastel suit when you see one in the store. This season, menswear and womenswear designers alike are embracing pastel suiting. The trend was spotted on men’s Spring/Summer 2020 runways at Boss, Fendi, Dior, and Lacoste.

At the women’s shows, this suiting was prevalent in Gucci, Kenzo, and Paul Smith.

A neon dress or shirt

Turn heads as you flaunt a neon, flashy dress this spring.

Neon clothing is adventurous, eye-catching, fluorescent, and simply fun! A yellow tank top or a lime green skirt can brighten up your overall appearance. There are a couple of ways to pull it off:

  • Pair it with neutral tones to create a prominent contrast in the look
  • Go all out and wear a neon shirt with a matching skirt or a neon dress

No matter how you wear it or where you wear it, you have to make sure it matches your personal style statement. Also, when combining two neon pieces, make sure they look good together. Plus, they should be solids. Wearing two neon pieces with patterns could be too loud.

Put on a neon shirt at your next pool party. This is one of the ways to set your mood and have a blast.

The puffy sleeves trend

Puffed sleeves were a hit in the spring of 2020. Design prodigies expect it to be the hottest trend this spring too.

This trend has shown to have a longer shelf life than many of us expected.

Emma Spedding, the editor at, states that exaggerated puff sleeves are a silhouette that has dominated in recent years. It is set to continue and become more prevalent in 2021.

Besides, the latest Bridgerton fever gives us all the more reasons to adopt this fashion trend. It is all we need to catch eyeballs this season.


Over here, Clever Emili creates a gorgeous color clash with her pink chair and puffed green sleeves.

3. Try leather in unexpected colors

Last year, Erica Russo, Vice President and fashion director of beauty and accessories at Bloomingdales, said leather with vibrant colors shows no sign of slowing down. Design gurus expect the same this year too.

You have probably invested in a classic black leather jacket at some point. Yet, this year things are going to be a tad more colorful. The colored take on leather feels fresh and cool.

colored leather


Here, Aimee Song shows us how to pull off a tricky color like yellow in leather. You could also give a shot to flashy and loud colors in the leather jacket. A vibrant coat with a plain tee and strappy heels bring an edge to your overall appearance.

4. Choose stylish accessories to spice up your outfit

Fashion accessories can serve a practical function. It brings the finishing touch and complements the rest of the outfit. Accessorizing allows you to add a new spark to the old standbys in your capsule closet. It is all about finding a balance. The right accessories can make even the essential appearance look glam.

Here are a couple of rules to keep in mind:

  • Choose a signature accessory:Choose one statement piece that makes you feel good about yourself. You can wear it with multiple outfits.
  • Use an accessory to transform the look:Keep a few go-to accessories in store to put on. A pair of earrings or cocktail rings could make loads of difference.

And that’s a wrap

For spring 2021, it is all about breaking the rules to find something that works for you. What are you planning to wear at the following workers’ meet-up?

We would love to know if you have your own spring essentials and how you are updating your outdated closet this season.

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