How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages?

As all of you may know, FB messenger is one of the best apps. You can send messages, photos, and videos. And if you have wrongly deleted these messages, then no need to worry about it because I will tell you how to recover deleted Facebook messages. 

Sometimes it’s an important app during the working hours and might even have important work messages—several people like better to communicate through Facebook because it allows quicker communication and ensures more comfortable property. At different times, you recognize that some messages are approach too special to be deleted – finally, Facebook can be the place wherever you met your friends.

So, what does one do if you discover yourself erroneously deleting some messages from Facebook Messenger?

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages On Android

Here we will tell you how to recover deleted Facebook messages on Android. It is not too much complicated. It just requires a few steps as under: 

  • Download any explorer that will help you to explore your files and folders. I will recommend here ES explorer that is one of the best.




  • Open your browser and go to the SD card from your android device.

Fb Recovery 1

  • Open that folder and click on the data folder.

  • In that folder, you will see all the apps folders separately. Find the Facebook folder and open it.


  • Then click on the Cache, it will have “fb_temp” file that contains all the backup for your data. Click it, and your data will be stored automatically.

How to Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone

If you are using iPhone and by mistake, you have deleted Facebook messages. Then it is not easy to recover. But an archive service will help you to recover the exact recovery. So if you want to recover deleted messages, then you should set archive service first to get back all. Here, I will show you all the steps that will tell you how to recover all your deleted messages on iPhone. A simple and easy guide will enable you to recover.

Method 1: How to recover deleted Facebook messages on the iPhone

  • Open Facebook Messenger and then click on the most recent chat folder.
  • Now tap on the archived conversation. And then type the name in the search bar at the top of the page.

Method 2: Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages on iPhone – Settings

  • Log on Facebook by typing and then tap Settings. Then click on the account settings. 
  • Click on the “General Settings,” it will show you the option of “Download a Copy of Your Facebook Data.” Tap on it.

  • It will start downloading and ask for a password. Just enter your account password here. Then click on “My Archive.”

  • Tap the “Download My Archive,” it will download all your Facebook data but in a compressed format.
  • Unzip and open the file of the index in it. Copy-paste the data contained on the word, and then then it will be saved on your phone.

How to Check Deleted Messages on Facebook

There is a method to check your deleted data on Facebook. Therefore, follow the steps below to know how to check deleted messages on Facebook 

  • Just go to settings 
  • Then tap General settings from the menu.
  • It will show you an option at the bottom of the page “Download your Facebook data.” 
  • After it downloads a file will appear. 
  • You double click on it and select the messages folder. 
  • It will show you messages that you sent and received by what time and date with the person I’d no.

However, that’s all that will enable you to recover all your deleted data or messages on Facebook. I hope how to recover deleted messages on Facebook is not a big problem for you. And with our easy guide, you can able to get back all with a few minutes.

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