Adidas to investigate allegations against Kanye West

According to a letter to Adidas, the company's boss was aware of Kane West's actions.

Fashion and designing Adidas has started an investigation over the claims of Kanye West’s unethical behavior at the workplace.

The magazine recently reported on claims of some Yeezy collaboration employees, saying they were shown explicit images and videos as part of bullying tactics.

According to a letter to Adidas, the company’s boss was aware of Kanye West’s actions.

Adidas said it has yet to determine whether these claims are true or false as they were made in anonymous letters. Adidas also made it clear that they took these allegations very seriously and they will investigate the matter.

Kanye West’s troubles continue. A month after her being briefly suspended from Instagram and her Twitter following an anti-Semitic riot and the loss of a major partnership, West is currently under investigation.

Former business partner Adidas has launched an investigation into the allegations of wrongdoing. Earlier in the week, one of Adidas’s largest shareholders sent the company a letter asking for more information about the claims and when the internal allegations were first brought to management.
Articles published in the magazine featured pornographic videos of various employees being played during meetings, intimate photos of Kim Kardashian being shown at job interviews, explicit videos of Kardashian and himself in sex tapes and He also mentioned incidents such as showing photos to his Yeezy team members.

He split with Kim Kardashian after six years of marriage. She is also the mother to his four children. Kanye west has previously said that he has a pornography addiction and he said that this addiction is the cause of his separation from his family.

Meanwhile, West has announced that he will run for the 2024 US presidential election and has asked former President Donald Trump to be his running mate.

Different media and newspaper agencies tried to reach Kanye West to get his side of the story but he did not contact anyone.

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