Klopp discusses Firmino’s exit

Jurgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool, has responded to forward Roberto Firmino’s decision to leave the club at the conclusion of the 2022–23 season.

The number nine for the Reds had a successful career at Liverpool, where he won numerous awards.

“Yes, he informed me. Surprised? Indeed, a tad yet I was not hit unsuspecting, it’s something ordinary to do,” Klopp told columnists on Friday.

“It could go either way, but it went one way. And I greatly admire that. In the long-term relationship Bobby and I have with the club, the majority of the players, and, of course, the fans, this is perfectly normal.

It’s pretty special, and I loved how he was received when he first started against United. The only other thing he said was, “Now I want to bring this wonderful story to a positive end.” He told me that. So that’s it. Everyone can only imagine how completely committed he is to being here. All we need to know is that.

“There will be enough time later in the season for a farewell or something like. For now, there isn’t time for that. As he returns, everyone knows that the music will remain in everyone’s ears for an extended period of time. I’m nearly positive.

“No issue. I believe he’s one of these players that in any event, when he would accompany a resistance group, individuals would be truly glad to see him.”

Firmino previously informed Liverpool that he will leave the team when his contract comes to an end at the end of the season.

The international for Brazil received an extension, but he has chosen to take on a new challenge.

After eight years at Liverpool since joining from Hoffenheim in 2015, Firmino is regarded as one of the greatest players ever. He has made 354 appearances for the team and scored 108 goals.

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