La Mer Dubai to get demolished and revamped to J1 beach

The attraction will open its gate for visitors by the end of 2023.

Dubai ( UAE Updates – Maham Siddiqui )

La Mer south, one of the beautiful attractions in Dubai for visitors and tourists is going to rebuild soon. The shops and restaurants at the location are being demolished to make a new way for J1 beach.

The J1 beach will be the first leading beach resort located in the region that will be offering continuous beach views, top F&B offers, and many high-end choices at the heart of Jumeriah, Dubai.

The beach will also comprise three new experiences related to the beachfront. Bâoli, Gigi Rigolatto, and Sirene Beach by Gaia, and also ten more luxurious restaurants.

The J1 beach will provide the facility of valet and parking services. Also, the golf cart shuttle service and shaded green pathways will be there during the day and floodlit at night for beach lovers. Tourists can also reach by sea through a bordered waterfront reception.

CEO of Merex Investment Group, Shahram Shamsaee said:

“J1 Beach is a wonderful extension of Dubai representing a leading lifestyle and business location, and we are confident that the addition of day-to-night beach lifestyle experiences with high-end restaurants will let the visitors enjoy new raised choices.”

He further said, “Merex Investments’ main purpose is to take the journey beyond the business by making the most of key locations and strengthening the principles. The J1 Beach will have three new additions which will support the local and global partners by delivering various lifestyle resources.”

The agreement is signed by Merex and Paris Society International to bring the fabulous Gigi Rigolatto to the region for the first time. Gigi Rigolatto will offer the visitors a luxurious restaurant with an Italian menu, a bar, a kid’s circus, a swimming pool, and front access to the beach.

Many new attractions are soon to be coming at J1 beach and we can’t wait to experience them.

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