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Michael Buffer(November 2,1944) is an American ring announcer or “MC” for professional wrestling and boxing matches. He is widely recognized for his trademarked catchphrase, “Let’s get ready to rumble!” and for pioneering a distinct announcing style to call fighter’s names by adding different inflections to their names. His half-brother, Bruce Buffer, is a UFC announcer.


He began his career announcing ESPN matches and has reported for sporting events and tournaments like WWF, WCW, WWE, NFL, and NBA. Moreover, he has also appeared in films such as ‘The Fighter’‘ Rocky Balboa,’ and ‘Creed’ and television credits include shows such as Night Live,’ ‘Entourage,’ ‘Saturday’ ‘The Simpsons’ ‘South Park’ etc.


Quick Facts

Real Name: Michael Buffer

Date Of Birth: November 2, 1944

Birth Place: Lancaster, PA, United States

Age: 74 years old

Nationality: American

Height: 6ft (1.83 meters)

Weight: 85 kgs

Eye Color: Salt & Pepper

Hair Color: Brown

Profession: Ring Announcer, Actor, Model

Marital Status: married, Сhrіѕtіnе Рrаdо

Instagram: @realmichaelbuffer


Michael Buffer


Most of Michael Buffer has earned a handsome amount of wealth as a professional ring announcer. Currently, his estimated net worth is around about 400 million dollars and varies per year depending on multiple undertakings as an entertainer.


Buffer became a national personality while getting a chance to report all fights of boxing matches (1983). Ring Announcers gain additional fees in specific categories and get paid $5 million per high-profile fight as well.


He rose to prominence in 1984 on his catchphrase “Let’s get ready to rumble” and has earned him an overabundance of $400 million with obtaining a federal trademark as well.

Additionally, he signed with London-based sports streaming and announced a YouTube Boxing match in 2018, including deals with sports event promoters like Matchroom.

Michael Buffer-Net Worth

To conclude, Michael Buffer’s net worth is 400 million dollars.


Personal Life


At the age of 21, Michael Buffer married while enlisted in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. The couple had two children together and separated seven years later. He then tied the knot in 1999 with Alina Buffer and again got divorced in 2003.


He proposed to his girlfriend Christine ado for marriage on television during the show ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ in 2007. The couple exchanged wedding vows in 2008.

He had throat cancer surgery for the same in 2008. He has since recovered.

Michael Buffer

Michael Buffer

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