Mass Effect: What Is N7 Day?

In November, fans of Bio Ware’s sci-fi RPG series Mass Effect have quite one holiday to look forward to. Correlating to a military rating on Commander Shepard’s armor, N7 Day is widely known on November 7th annually.

N7 Day is considering as a celebration of Mass Effect fans’ passion for the games, characters, and universe.

The first N7 Day was in 2012 and has carried on for nearly a decade. The Mass Effect community has always been an incredibly passionate one. Moreover, partially thanks to how the Mass Effect trilogy story has been ready to connect with fans. To those that might not realize N7 Day.

What is Mass Effect Community?

Here’s everything to understand about the celebration of the Mass Effect community.

The significance of N7 comes from the armor worn by the game’s lead character, Commander Shepard. The N is the classification for Special Forces.

Therefore, the 7 signifies Shepard’s rank at The Interplanetary Combative Academy (which is usually shortened to “N-School.”) N-School works as a kind of officer training academy for Earth.

And during which officers from Earth’s military are recruited to endure brutal training.

As they progress through different coaching levels, from military combat to zero-g training, they enter different “ranks” of the officer.

After the primary series of 20-hour training sessions, they earn the rank of N1. From there, they progress through different levels of coaching up until N6. And during which the title of N7 is awarded after a brutal “training” exercise.

N6 applicants are stranded on an asteroid with basic equipment and 0 information on their location. The last one to run out of oxygen is given the rank of N7, the sole rank ready to be worn on uniforms or armor.

Becoming an N7 level officer requires a substantial amount of discipline and sacrifice. It is reflecting along with the officers’ respect in their titles.

Even qualifying as an N1 carries an incredible amount of respect, thanks to how grueling the training is. There are seven known N7s within the Mass Effect universe, including Captain Shepard.

What Is N7 Day?

Shepard’s rank as an N7 is employing in-game to showcase their competence as a pacesetter. It often called a natural leader throughout the Mass Effect trilogy. Moreover, being an N7 is employing to showcase just what proportion of combat and survival experience Shepard has already undergone.

Further specification on how Shepard became an N7 depends on the psychological profile that the player picks for Shepard. It is starting from them being a ruthless soldier who did what had to be done or the sole survivor of a mission gone wrong.

N7 Day itself was created as a BioWare marketing platform, though a previous fan celebration will inspire it. The primary N7 Day was announced during a BioWare editorial on the first Mass Effect’s fifth anniversary.

Fans quickly picked up the thought of the celebration on Twitter, wanting to close as a community and discuss all things Mass Effect.

The second N7 Day in 2013 came with a thank-you video directed towards fans and five teasers for Mass Effect: Andromeda. The thank-you video was a billet-doux from BioWare to the fans.

It featured several voice actors from the games, including male and feminine Commander Shepard, Liara T’Soni, Kaiden Alenko, and Jack. Once more, the community took to Twitter to debate the first trilogy of games.

2014’s N7 Day, as compared, was much tamer. Thanks to the upcoming release of Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare likely did not have an excessive amount of time to organize anything as spectacular because of the thank-you video from the previous year.

Detail From Social Media

Instead, they showcased some art from the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda also introduces the event team for this game. 2015’s and 2016’s N7 Day brought more promotion for Mass Effect: Andromeda and more fan support on Twitter.

After the time of the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda, Mass Effect’s 10th anniversary on 2017’s N7 Day saw the community specializing in looking back at the fond memories.

They had the first trilogy of games. 2018 was very similar, with Bio Ware asking fans what N7 meant to them, possibly playing off of the private experience of becoming an N7 in-universe.

Last year’s N7 Day saw many of the event teams expressing their love of the series on their official Twitter account.

Moreover Details

Though there have been no new announcements on the Mass Effect series’ future. 2020’s N7 Day is approaching. However, some fans are looking forward to the series to return to an equivalent glory. It may hold the first trilogy too, though many other fans are skeptical. Regardless of the case, N7 Day will undoubtedly bring an outpouring of affection from the Mass Effect community.

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