Pakistan Boat Rally will go international this year after a successful second season

In February of this year, the Pakistan Boat Rally and Fishing Association (PBRFA) successfully organized the second season of the mega boat rally.

The Pakistan Boat Rally (PBRFA) continued its efforts to promote ocean sports in Pakistan following the first season’s success in 2021.

The fact that boaters from all over the country participated in the first season gave the organizers more reason to expect another.

Boaters traveled by boat to Astola Island from Karachi. From February 17 to February 19, the event took place. This year, the boat rally was limited to Astola Island because there was only so much time when the weather was good enough to boat.

Ahmed Mamoor Amimi, president of the PBRFA, stated at the event’s closing ceremony in Karachi on Saturday that ocean sports in Pakistan have reached new heights.

He stated, “We started this event with very few people, and today the entire Pakistan is aware of our effort.”

“We travelled to Damb lagoon this time, where the ocean meets the desert. When we witnessed this gorgeous Pakistani setting, we were taken aback. “We saw mangroves and formed memories there,” he explained.

PBRFA’s boat rally featured four teams of boaters who demonstrated their ocean skills in collaboration with the Pakistan Navy. During the closing ceremony, a shield of appreciation was given to each of the four teams.

“I might want to compliment every one of our boaters for being a piece of this drive. We are without a doubt Pakistan’s pioneers in ocean sports. We will make every effort to ensure that ocean sports progress to the next level,” he said.

Coming back, boaters likewise investigated Charna Island close to Karachi. They went scuba diving and saw the beautiful sea.

PBRFA’s “Season 3”

The PBRFA’s “Season 3” plans to dominate international boat rallies. As a consequence, they have decided to sail from Karachi to Muscat in November of this year.

“In the first season, we set a new world record for the longest boat rally. “In November, we will sail from Karachi to Muscat, beating our own record,” he declared.

“We will visit Iran’s Pishukan Town, Jiwani, and Chabahar, as well as Charna Island, Damb Lagoon, Ormara Port, Astola Island, Surbandar and Gawadar Port, and Pishukan Town. “Our next boat rally will establish new norms for water activities in Pakistan,” he stated.

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