PS4 Exclusive ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Is Coming to PC This Year!

According to Kotaku Sources, PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn is coming on PC very soon. The game was released in 2017 but not for PC; therefore, now it will release for PC. Everyone is saying it would be an excellent plan by Sony on which people will spend more money.

Horizon Zero dawn will be the first Sony published game on PC but not only one there will also be more as Schreier said on twitter, “I don’t think it will be the only one.”

Many things are helpful to bring the game on PC such as relinquishing control over Fortnite player accounts to enable cross-platform play. Moreover, players will also get some exclusive titles like The Last of Us without having a PS4 and PS3.

Details About PS4 Exclusive: Horizon Zero Dawn

There would be a different system in which each mission comes with unique dialogue. The game will become impressed with the addition of DLCs like Frozen Wilds. It focuses on the history of the world and the relationship of man with the Sylvan.

In other features, an open-world experience with towers scattered on the map, skill tree and crafting systems are included. Moreover, Detective vision is the exciting feature of the game.

However, overall the game creates a super experience with some other fantastic things such as music that gives immense pleasure and immerse the players in the game world.

The most famous music in the game is Aloy’s theme. By featuring, the game seems amazing, so wait till the fall when it will release. Yes! PS4 Exclusive: Horizon Zero will release in fall 2020.

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