First message from Rashid Rover says “His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed”

He also told people that all the systems and devices of Rashid Rover are working fine.

Sheikh Mohammed announces on social media about the lunar systems functioning correctly. The Dubai Ruler, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, informed on Wednesday that the Dubai space center has received its first message from Rashid Rover.

The President and Prime Minister of Dubai tweeted:

“From a distance of 440,000 km, from the surface of the Earth, the explorer Rashid just sent the first message to the space center in Al Khawaneej.”

He also told people that all the systems and devices of Rashid Rover are working fine and the explorer is underway to enter the orbit of the moon for its landing in the coming months.

Ispace which is a global lunar exploration company on Wednesday broadcasted that they have successfully taken the images and transferred them to Mission Control Centre. The ispace company has installed a camera on top of the lander that will record the images during the whole mission.

According to a technical point of view, these images are measured as a key indicator. Rashid Rover flew into space on Sunday from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The Lunar Rover has to conduct various scientific tests on the moon’s surface that will help in the qualitative developments of the science field, technologies, and computing. This will also have an impact on the development of vital sectors both nationally and globally.

Rashid Rover can travel at up to 10 cm/s speed. UAE has made a remarkable history in the history of the Arab world with the successful launch of the lunar Rashid Rover’s journey to the moon, positioning the country fourth in the world which is landing the moon.

The explorer is now on a long journey of five months having a landing window on the moon’s surface in April 2023.

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