Ray William Johnson Net Worth, Professional Life, and More!

Ray William Johnson Net Worth – $10 million

Ray William Johnson Net Worth $10 million
Real Name Ray William Johnson
Date of Birth 14th August 1981
Nationality American
Profession Actor, Comedian, Producer, Blogger
Age 39
Height 6’2”
Weight 81kg
Children No


Ray William is an American comedian, producer, actor, and blogger who has an estimated net worth of $10 million. Johnson is best known for his Youtube video that made him one of the most subscribed content creators by 2010, as well as a subscribed channel of all time in 2011.

Almost the channel has 4.7 million subscribed channels on YouTube and 1.3 billion video views. Ray William Johnson was born on 14th August 1981 in Oklahoma and went to Columbia University to pursue a career in law.

Ray William Johnson

Ray started a new collaborative Youtube channel called Your Favorite Martin. It featured animated comedy music videos. Ray wrote beats and lyrics with the collaboration of other musicians to produce songs.

The most famous characters of the channel, Puff Puff Humbert, DeeJay, Axel Chains, and Benatar, are included. Moreover, he also founded a production studio named Equals Three Studio. Besides, he hosted a show, “ Thank You for Everything was published on 12th March 2014.

This show featured many celebrity guests such as Jason Biggs, Sarah Silverman, and Robin Williams. In some of his new series are Booze Lightyear, top 6, and comedians On are included. Moreover, he began a daily video blog titled Breaking NYC. On this, he made vlogs while living in New York City.

Johnson also did an indie film project named Who’s Driving Doug in 2017. He played the role of a new driver. Besides, he was also part of Jay &Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie. In his co-produced film, Manson Family Vacation is famous that premiered at South by southwest in 2015.

Ray William Johnson

Ray William Johnson

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