Reasons Why Your Netgear WiFi Router is Not Working

Many users who have been facing issues with their Netgear WiFi router are more focused on troubleshooting the issue rather than finding the real cause behind it. They think that being aware of the reasons why the Netgear router not working is pointless.

But, speaking from my experience, keeping knowledge about the factors that led to the issue can help you resolve it in a much productive manner. Thus, walk through this post and learn all about the reasons why your router is refusing to work properly.

Why is My Netgear WiFi Router Not Working Well?


Corrupted or Outdated Firmware

One of the major reasons why your Netgear router isn’t working is because of corrupted or outdated firmware. An outdated firmware ensures that your WiFi device is functioning well.


Make sure that you update the firmware of your WiFi router from time to time. For those of you who are confused about how to update your device, mentioned below are the guidelines you need to follow:

  • Open up a web browser on your PC. Make sure that you are connected to the internet.
  • Use or to log into your Netgear WiFi router.
  • Fill in the default username and password, and press the Enter key.
  • The Netgear router setup page will appear on your screen.
  • Go to Settings and click on “new firmware is available”.
  • Type the model number of your router and click on the Download button.
  • Once the file gets uploaded, click on the Firmware Update button.

Technical Glitches

Another common reason that can disrupt the functioning of your device is a technical glitch. If you see, the existence of technical glitches isn’t even your fault. But, you still gotta fix the issue anyway. Wondering how? Read on.


You can easily get rid of technical glitches by power cycle your device. Turn off your router for 10-15 minutes every now and then. Doing so won’t just fix the random technical glitches but it’ll also prevent your device from overheating.

Weak Internet Connection

Have you noticed how your mobile device starts working weirdly if the internet connection is poor? Well, something similar might be happening with your Netgear WiFi router. It might be prone to INTERNET issues.


Make sure that the connection between your Netgear router and modem is strong enough. If you have been connecting your devices wirelessly so far, it’s time to make a change. I recommend you use an Ethernet cable to connect your router and modem.

If even after using an Ethernet cable, the internet issue persists, then get in touch with your (ISP) Internet Service Provider immediately. Chances are the internet issue is from their end. In case there is, they’ll send an agent over to your house to help you fix the issue.

Apart from these 3 reasons, if there’s anything else due to which your Netgear router is refusing to work properly, performing a factory default reset might help.

Mentioned below are the instructions that you need to follow in order to restore your device to its factory default settings:

  • Connect your router to the power adapter.
  • Plug the adapter into the wall socket.
  • Then, create a connection between your router and modem.


  • Look for the Reset button located at the bottom of your device.
  • Once found, use an oil, paper clip, or any other sharp object to press the button.
  • Hold the Reset button for approximately 30 seconds.


You can reset your WiFi device by downloading the Nighthawk-App on your phone. Restoring your Netgear WiFi router to its factory default mode will surely help you in resolving the issue at hand. On the off chance, if your device still isn’t ready to work properly, reach out to me through the comments section below at any hour of the day.

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