Best Alternative Soccer Streams Sites to Watch Football Matches

Soccerstreams was an amazing site to watch football matches. It has been banned, and that was bad news for all the fans. Sports lovers can’t give up, especially soccer lovers, so they started exploring the subreddits websites to watch the streaming. Some deleted because of a copyright warning from the premier league.

Therefore, we are making a list of Alternative soccer streams Sites to watch football matches.  Most people are using these services worldwide, so let’s see which alternative soccer streaming sites are available.

All the alternative soccer streaming sites are legal so you can watch the matches freely.

Reddit Alternative for SoccerStreams

You can get the best streaming by trying different alternative soccer streams available on the Reddit platform.


On this platform, you can get a link to each game. Thousands of people can avail of these services at any time. The links of /r/Redditsoccer are Ace Stream; therefore, no need to worry about buffering. Some people post the game link so you can find your favorite one from these links.


Another subreddit is added to this list for the post-removal of soccer streams. This one has not many subscribers, but the quality of posted links is incredible. Moreover, some rules are followed to maintain the quality of the links. Therefore, both SD and HD quality are available, and another thing that needs the most is internet speed.

/r/Soccersreams 69

Another incredible subreddit site is /r/soccerstreams69—the best one among all others to watch football matches.  However, always keep in mind it is not the best way to get the streaming links because copyright issues come. Besides another disadvantage is the size issue, and these sites do not cover all the games.

/r/Soccer Thunder

Another recommended alternative soccer streaming site to watch football matches is /r/Soccer Thunder.  However, it is not the best one to watch all the sports.

/r/Reddit Soccercity

One of the popular sites where you can watch your football matches is RedditSoccercity. the creator of Reddit Soccercity and SoccerstreamRedd is the same.


Posted streaming links are available, but it could be deleted when links are no longer required. However, it is the best one to get multiple soccer streaming.

Discord Channel for Getting Links

Discord channel is best for football links. This one became popular on the internet and eliminated the need for Skype, Teamspeak, Mumble, and Ventrilo servers. This one is free, and it makes you able to speak via text changes or voice. Moreover, share images, audio, and videos are available.

Discord provides the service to the gaming community and becomes a stable app for online streaming.   When soccer streams are banned, people follow Discord because it offers the same services.  The streaming links are available to watch 30 minutes game.  There are two links to the channel are available

Soccer Thunder  discord invite

Soccer69 Discord Invite.

Alternative /r/SoccerStreaming Websites to Watch Football Matches

Here we will mention some best alternative soccer streaming websites where you can get streaming of football matches in HD quality.

Laola 1TV

Laola 1 TV is the best one, and Spanish Premier League fans would definitely love it. It is a most recognizable soccer streaming site ere you can record favorite football matches and high octane highlights for offline playback. It always keeps you update with your favorite football club, national league, and much more.


For getting live streaming sports online, Watch ESPN is the best option. It is one of the oldest sports content providers. This one is especially for the US and North American audiences. However, if you want something similar to Reddit Stream for watching free football matches, then don’t look for WatchESPN; you can try another one.

AceStreams or AceListing

Ace streaming is available if you want quality live streaming links. Many followers of r/Soccerstreams will be familiar with AceStream. It brings the best links to watch not only soccer also many other live sports.

The user interface is very smooth and neat, so you can find hee 100 % working streaming links in HD quality.

Sony LIV

Sony Liv is the biggest entertainment site in the world where you get 100% legal soccer streams from major football leagues. It has a clean user interface and offers free lag soccer streams.  The best is that no intermittent ads interrupt you.


Soccerstreams subreddit is one of the amazing platforms to watch football matches. With these subreddits, you can watch their favorite teams games.  These are free services to watch streaming links 30 minutes prior to release.

When soccer streams were banned, people searched for an alternative; therefore, we mentioned the best alternative soccer streams to watch football matches. Besides these subreddit sites, the Discord channel is also available, but we don’t know what happens when the illegal streaming links share on their platform. Well, you can try the above-mentioned soccer streams sites. Besides that, there could be more options to watch football or soccer.

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