Rockstar Email Sparks More GTA 6 Speculation For 2021

With rumors about grand larceny Auto 6 circulating for an extended time now, a music producer may have just provided one among the most important hints of beat a leaked email from Rockstar Games. However, some fans aren’t convinced.

In recent months, it is believed that GTA 6 has been all anyone in the community. However, a next-generation version of GTA V is scheduled to be released on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles later in 2021.

Even Rockstar themselves have seemingly left little teaser tidbits hidden within the code of videos or maybe in items rewarded to players in GTA Online. Chiko Kan, the music producer, may have provided the best hint yet that something big is coming soon by posting an email sent to him by Rockstar games themselves.

Members of the /r/GTA6 subreddit discovered a tweet from music producer Chiko Kan which showed an email he apparently received from Rockstar inviting him to figure with them.

Ups And Down

The email, which doesn’t specifically reference GTA 6 or another project, hints at big things being within the works for 2021. Moreover, the producer being asked to figure with them. “We can’t shed an excessive amount of light on our projects just yet, but one among them goes to be HUGE!” it says.

However, some parts of the email have raised eyebrows from fans. One noted that the text’s color between the second and third paragraph is different – and will are copied from elsewhere. Others pointed to the one that sent the email – Richard Barnes – having left Rockstar in late 2019.

Unfortunately, the email doesn’t provide any additional information about what the project is or if it’s a replacement IP.

That said, watching Chiko Kan’s Spotify page and therefore the sort of music he produces, there’s an honest possibility that Rockstar is watching a more modern setting for whatever this project.

These tunes could check out of place in something like Red Dead Redemption but would feel right reception during a GTA or maybe a replacement Max Payne game.

In the event this “huge” project is GTA 6, one other possibility is that 2021 is going to be when Rockstar finally officially announces the title alongside a teaser trailer. However, all this is often just speculation, and we’re getting to need to wait and see what the longer term holds.

Former Rockstar insider Yan2295 recently stated that the sport wouldn’t be releasing anytime soon, but fans are growing increasingly impatient by the day and just need a sliver of something.

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