Samiullah is troubled about the absence of hockey in schools

Samiullah Khan, a former hockey player, is concerned about the lack of school hockey in Pakistan.

The state of the game in Pakistan has deteriorated over the past few decades, despite Pakistan’s rich hockey heritage, which includes multiple World Cup titles and Olympic Gold Medals.

Pakistan missed out on the 2023 World Cup and failed to qualify for the 2016 and 2022 Olympic Games. In addition, in 2014, they endured the humiliation of missing a World Cup for the first time in their history.

Samiullah stated to reporters in Karachi, “Different sporting activities are being held in schools of Pakistan, but hockey is not a part of it.”

“Back in the day, we started playing hockey in government schools, which were crucial to our success.

For the benefit of Pakistani hockey, private educational institutions ought to also step forward. At the college and school levels, five-a-side and six-a-side hockey should be promoted.

“The Pakistan Hockey Alliance likewise needs to move forward to guarantee that the game refocuses in Pakistan.”

Khawaja Junaid was banned The Olympian and former manager Khawaja Junaid was banned by the PHF for life last month.

The error of fielding 12 players in an Asia Cup match against Japan last year led the PHF Inquiry Committee to make the decision.

Pakistan couldn’t make it to the super four of the Asia Cup, where Junaid was in charge of the national team, so they couldn’t make it to the World Cup.

During the Asia Cup, the Green Shirts lost a crucial match against Japan because one of their goals was disallowed because they had 12 players instead of 11.

Mian Ali Ashfaq, PHF Legal Advisor, also discussed the committee’s decision.

Khawaja Junaid caused a great deal of embarrassment for Pakistan. Ashfaq stated, “His misconduct prevented Pakistan from qualifying for the World Cup.”

He continued, “The decision to ban him has been taken in accordance with FIH rules.”

Additionally, he stated that Junaid did not testify before the committee.

He stated, “Committee had called Junaid to appear before the committee, but he didn’t.” The president of the PHF has also given his approval to the ban.

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