Showrunners of Walking Dead Season 11 show their emotions for Crew and Cast

AMC’s zombie dramatic series is coming to an end after 11 seasons. Showrunners Angela Kang and content officer Scott M/ Gimple thanked ti cast members for their amazing work through a letter. In the letter, it was written as

W are lucky to have the audience that stuck over ten years of massive change in the world. They said they are hopeful to have been a point of stability in people’s lives. There was something that they count every week that makes them feel happy, intrigued, scared, excited, heartbroken, and inspired.

Maybe through these, they consider their own life, consider who they are. So we want to give them the epic final season, the last chapter of the multi-year saga of people that figure out how to love in a broken world. The remaining letter continuously just thanks them for their hard work for this zombie, the infested universe, and many spin-offs.

The walking dead will finish with season 11 that would contain 24 episodes. It will begin in late 2021.  The new episode will run through late 2022. There are two more years and 30 total episodes before the conclusion. As you know, season 10 was interrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so there will be six additional episodes of season 10.

The Walking Dead is a spin-off series where characters Caro and Daryl will join the show. They are only two cast members who have been on the show since season 1.

The new writers of the series are Angela Kang and Scott Gimple, who is also developing another anthology series named Tales of the Walking Dead. Kang also the main writer and producer of the main TWD series.

Kang said walking dead is my flagship and creative home series for decades. I am thrilled by telling the stories to my highlight career Norman Reedus and Melissa Mcbride.

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