Summary of teh Interview ” Noah Hunt lead Singer of Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s Band

Noah Hunt is the voice of Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s band since 1997.  He recorded the second album of Shreveport’s second album named Trouble. Shepherd is the face of the KWS band; however, it is a time to know another voice. Well, a new wonderful album is coming called Goin’ Home.

Hunt has always fit for Shepherd’s guitar tone. He graduated in English, but music steered his future. Hunt talked about his life before and after Kenny Wayne. Well, here hunt told us about himself, where he grew up and how he got into music.

Early Life and Loved For Music

He grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and loved music even when he was a child.  He laid down in bed when he was a little kid and makeup songs when he was only three years old. His parents got him piano lessons at the old Baldwin factory in town when he was only four years old.

It was 1974 and had real advanced for the time and kind of teaching method. He learned how to play the Piano and read music as well as how to sing. He learned the piano lessons and got all the basics when he was only seven years old.

On the other side, at this time, he got the little record player and kids record player. So he recorded and made the collection and loved the Beatles. He played all their Beatles records, and before that, he was in kindergarten and played all their Beatles and laughed them up.

After that, he got older and moved on to like the Stones and Pink Floyd. He raised on classic rock. He stopped playing Piano when he was seven or eight years old because of sports.  At the age of sixteen, he taught himself to play guitar, and that was easy for him as compared to Piano.

He tried to be Jimi Hendrix, but it couldn’t do so focused on other things. He loved the Beatles; the first song that he heard was “I Saw Her Standing There.” Actually, his cousin first heard it, and then he stole this song and put it on the record player. After that, he listened, “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”

It was asked why he started to write his own songs.

At this question, he said he was in fifth or sixth grade, and he does not know how to play guitar. He wrote the songs in his head and when he learned to play guitar than actually started to write songs from beginning to end. That means he was a teenager when he started to write songs.

Earliest Performance

On the question about his earliest performance, he said he was six or seven, and he sang on any school’s event. Some adults said he has an amazing voice, and some criticized the voice and laughed. He said he loved to play in a band bar when he was too young, maybe fifteen or sixteen.

On the educational background of why he selected the English, he said he had no plan.  He was just want to be a writer or a lawyer. Everyone said music is too tough.  He got out of college in 1992 and decided to be a lawyer or writer and wanted to play music for a living. His parents said, “if you can pay your bills, then you can do whatever you want.”

Real Struggle of Noah’s life

Now the real struggle of his starts because he started work in bars five nights a week and then his own brand. He had bands in college like hippie music and playing fraternity parties and stuff.

He was not so serious but made a band named Uncle Six, and there was a record promoter there in Cincinnati named Bill Scull.  The reason to choose bill Scull is that he was the biggest independent record promoters at this time and started a management company.

He discovered him and signed and got music in the right hands into the hands of the big label. In 1994 or 1995, signed a deal with RCA that called a spec deal. In 1997, he got the call by a friend named Bill Williams. He was a photographer and took a lot of famous pictures of Stevie Ray Vaughan and BB King.

His friends from Cincinnati and knew Ken and Kenny and called the management company. He called me back and said, “Kenny Wayne Shepherd is looking for a lead vocalist.”

He was already the record, so he asked them to send some stuff that he has done for RCA. After that, he got the callback, and they asked him to come down.  So he went there one night and played the blues and Kenny. They stayed all night and bonded since they are together. A couple of weeks later, they started making the album Trouble IS.

 It was asked that what he felt the first time in the studio.

he said he had no idea how to do it and kind of intimidating. He was not comfortable in the studio and on asking the reason he said don’t know but I felt the kind of tangible tension.

The little red light intimidates you as you play and perform live in such a natural way.  He found the studio really confining and restricting and become familiar with it.

It was asked that he grew up on classic rock but how much actual blues music was in your world at that time.

Noah Answered that he started to get into blues when he was in college. He was into Stevie Ray Vaughan and used to go see him all the time.  Classic Rock people were clearly influenced by American Blues.

He could not stand with popular music in the 1980s so he went back and discovered the influences. He discovered his influencers Buddy Guy and Muddy Waters and Howlin’s Wolf and all were amazing.

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