The Boys Season 2 First Impression: Amazon Prime Remains Splendidly Crazy About Series!

In this exciting September, Amazon Prime Video bringing the first glance of the series in collective 3 episodes on 4th September.

Next, you will get a single episode each Friday, and the sequence will continue till the finale episode on 9th October 2020.

Superheroes fight selflessly to fight our wars for us. But what happens? When they no longer do that. A unique and dark take on the Superheroes’ genre, which is well put together and with enough story and suspense.

You will love to watch the series all at once if you have watched “The Boys Season 1.” However, it’s in the final few moments of the season where the show fumbles. Individual character arcs are left unknown in favor of saving and extending them for the next season.

This concept isn’t anything new, but it’s the execution that makes it all worthwhile. Seeing our beloved super saviors as cold, profitable properties all attached together by corporate strings in parallel to ordinary people coming to grips with their heroes’ reality is the show’s striving point.


Almost every sup’s backstory and progression throughout the narrative are written exceptionally well, especially in pacing.

Next to sups, the chemistry between all the boys is genuinely captivating, with even the slowest scenes becoming enjoyable with the show’s patent dark humor.

While it’s understandable from a narrative standpoint as its best not to lay all the cards on the table in the first season, some of these arcs feel incomplete as the addition of one more scene or shot would’ve aided in completion.

“The Boys” is a devilishly clever parody with a relatable twist on the superhero genre which deserves to be told in this day and age. And while there are some minor narrative missteps, the show makes up for it with its outrageously entertaining character chemistry and underlying meta-corporate concepts.

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