The Right Makeup Steps to follow for a naturally radiant look 

Achieving that perfect glowy makeup look is not as easy as it seems to be. Although there are multiple skin care products that could naturally help you in keeping your skin healthy and glowing, you can always use a little bit of makeup for a beautiful, radiant look. Most of the people think that using face highlighter would do the needful for you. But that’s not going to help until you get your base and other steps right. If you are looking for the right makeup tips to create a glowing look, follow the steps discussed below.

1.      Primer

The first step in the process of getting your base right is to prime the face. No face makeup products would work on your skin the right way until you apply a high-quality primer. Even before the primer, apply a few drops of a suitable face oil to deeply moisturize your skin. Once you’ve massaged the oil in your skin, jump to applying the primer, especially in the sweat zones of the face. This will prep your skin for foundation, concealer, and contouring and highlighter. 

2.      Foundation

Once you are done with the base, apply a colour corrector, foundation and the concealer on your face and the neck. The process of application matters as much as the product itself. So, the foundation you choose for your skin should complement your skin complexion while the concealer should be a few shades lighter. Make sure you blend in the foundation and concealer and your contour properly before moving on to the next step. Finish the base by dusting a little powder. 

3.      Apply blush

Most ladies skip foundation and concealer when they are in a hurry. For some women, blush and highlighter are all that’s needed to get ready for any event. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks to get that flushed look glow. Do not go overboard with the blush, as it may look unnatural and too OTT. Take a small amount of pink blush and pat it gently across the apple of your cheeks. It will give you the natural flush. If you don’t have a blush, you can also use a nude shade lip color for the same. 

4.      Time for the highlighter

Pick a small amount of powder highlighter on your brush and tap it on certain parts of your face. The amount of highlighter you should use on your skin depends on the occasion. If you need the complete illuminated look, go for the liquid or creamy highlighter. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of liquid highlighter to the powder and get it on the brush.

To make your nose appear thinner and sharp, apply a highlighter to the tip of your nose. You could also cover the entire bridge of the nose with the powder highlighter. You can also use a highlighter to accentuate your cheekbones, your forehead, and the center of your chin.


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