The Telltale Signs Urging You to Get a Brand New Laptop Right Away

Is your laptop several years old and its performance is slowing? Here are the telltale signs that are urging you to get a brand new laptop right away.

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The blue screen of death. Frayed electrical cables. Overheating. Do these issues sound familiar?

If so, it sounds like you might be having some troubles with your laptop. Although laptops are incredible and long-lasting devices, they don’t last forever.

How do you know when it’s time to retire your old model and upgrade to a brand new laptop? Sometimes, it can be hard to tell if an issue is an easy fix or a serious problem.

To find out more, keep reading to find the most common signs that your current laptop is no longer fit for use.

It’s Running Extremely Slowly

Your laptop performance needs to be lightning-fast since we depend on our computers to do so much for us. Whether you’re watching Netflix, making a PowerPoint, or gaming, a fast laptop is essential.

There’s nothing worse than waiting for ages for your laptop to open a browser or process a file, especially when you’re in a hurry. Streaming video requires quite a lot of power, so you might notice that your TV shows or movies keep timing out while you’re trying to watch them.

This is a common problem in older laptops though, as they just no longer have the power. If you find yourself constantly frustrated with your current laptop experience and loading speeds, it’s time to upgrade.

In that case, look for a laptop with a powerful processing system, like the Intel Evo laptops from Lenovo—learn more about what it is here. With a new laptop, you can run multiple programs and web browsers at the same time, without sacrificing on speed.

You Can’t Install Software Updates

As a responsible laptop user, you know how important it is to update your software programs regularly. This is very important for antivirus software, since older versions are usually no longer supported and won’t give you adequate protection.

But when you go to update your software, your laptop can’t complete the task. Why not?

This could be due to an internal memory shortage, a hardware problem or the software might require a more modern operating system. If you find that your laptop is no longer able to handle app or software updates, it’s no longer safe to use.

When this happens, your computer is vulnerable to hackers, meaning it’s time to think about laptop replacement.

Your Laptop Won’t Hold a Charge

One of the main reasons we use laptops is for their convenience—you can use them anywhere, even if you don’t have an electrical outlet. However, as laptops age, they become more and more ineffective at holding a charge.

This could be due to your battery’s age or frayed wiring and damage to your power cable. In some cases, you can replace your battery and/or power cable, but this won’t always fix the problem.

If this happens, first check your electrical outlet, making sure it’s working. Then, examine your power cable, ensuring it’s not damaged.

If both are working fine, but your laptop still won’t hold a charge, the problem is probably due to your battery. Old batteries can be dangerous as well, since they can overheat and sometimes even spark or catch fire—don’t take the risk.

For reference, a laptop battery should last for around 1,000 charge cycles–but many will give you more. If you use your laptop daily and it’s more than a few years old, you might be starting to see issues with charging.

In some types of laptops, batteries will bulge, expand, and overheat once they’re reached their end of life. When this happens, the laptop is no longer safe to use.

It Won’t Turn On

Laptops have a knack for causing us problems at the worst times! You try to fire up your laptop to finish an important school essay, but it won’t turn on at all.

Or, it works fine, but then randomly crashes, meaning you’ve lost your work.

What can you do? While checking your power source should always be your first option, there are many reasons why a laptop might not turn on.

This could include issues with your screen, keys, motherboard, or hardware. It’s hard to know for sure until you take your laptop to a repair shop.

If this happens once or twice, you might be able to troubleshoot and get it working again, but should it become a frequent occurrence, it’s probably time to upgrade. You need a reliable computer for school and work.

Plus, the cost of repairing an older laptop can be very expensive, since it’s usually no longer covered by your warranty. This means it can be more cost-effective to buy a new laptop over fixing an older one.

The Keys Keep Sticking

You’ve just typed out a long email, but when you look back and read it, you notice plenty of letters are missing from your words. Good thing you proofread it before sending!

It’s pretty common for laptops to develop keyboard problems as they start to age. You might find that certain keys no longer work, are stuck up or down, or just don’t function as they should.

This can be caused by spills, food crumbs, or damage to the laptop–older models just aren’t as durable as newer ones.

You can troubleshoot by trying to clean your keyboard, either by turning it upside-down to remove debris or cleaning it with compressed air. If these methods don’t do anything though, you’ll either need to replace your keyboard or invest in a new laptop.

As a temporary measure, you might be able to connect an external keyboard to your laptop, so that you can finish whatever you were working on.

You’re Noticing Weird Noises

Most laptops should be silent—other than maybe a quiet humming sometimes, your computer shouldn’t be making any noise.

If you’re starting to hear sounds from your computer, such as loud fan noises, whining, or strange vibrations, these can indicate a major problem. Often, this means an issue with your hardware or cooling system, since your fan is working overtime to stop the laptop from overheating.

Your laptop could be under too much strain and is struggling to keep up, which means you need a device with more processing abilities to do everything you need it to do.

Your Internal Memory Is Full

It can be difficult to use your laptop if the internal memory is full. Not only will websites load slowly, but you may not have enough free space to load new games or software programs.

It also means you won’t be able to save any videos, folders, or photos to your laptop, since there isn’t any space left. In some cases, you can go through your files and delete anything you no longer need.

Or, you can think about transferring files onto an external hard drive or to a dropbox folder. However, if you don’t have anything to delete, it could be the case that your current laptop model has a very small internal memory.

In this case, it’s best to upgrade your laptop, giving you more free space to run programs and save files.

The Current Laptop You Have Is Heavy and Bulky

Are you tired of having a sore shoulder after carrying around your laptop all day? It’s true that in the old days, laptops were bulky, heavy, and large, which wasn’t convenient.

If you’re still dragging around an oversized laptop, think about purchasing a new one. These days, laptops are super lightweight, thin, and stylish.

Despite their small size, they are durable as well, so you don’t need to worry about your thin laptop cracking or breaking. As long as you take care when handling it, it should last for several years at least.

Is it Time for a Brand New Laptop?

If any of the above issues sound familiar, it might be a good time to consider a replacement. If it’s been a while since you bought a computer, you might be surprised at just how many different types of laptops are out there

Start by working out what you need in a laptop, along with your budget. Then, start searching for brands and models that can deliver what you want.

Once you get your brand new laptop, you’ll be amazed at how much better it is than your previous model. You’ll be wondering, why did I wait so long to upgrade!

Get started today and make your life easier with a new computer.

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