The Witcher Season 2: New Images of Freya Allan as Ciri Have been Revealed

The new images revealed from the Witcher season 2 in which you can see Ciri training for battle. Freya Allan will play the role of Princess Cirilla of Cintra in Netflix’s original series. She will play a more active role in her destiny. A new teaser is coming tomorrow.

The twitter account shared the first look at Henry  Cavill as Feraly of Rivia in season 2. On asking What will destiny bring tomorrow, two photos of Allan are on set, both of her grasping a sword in bandaged fingers. The snowy background is shown there. Ciri will be stronger in season 2. She wears plain loose clothes with leather in places for protection.

The post is seen with few lines that sound like bard Jaskier hears something. She gave the tearful goodbyes, and now this child is preparing to fight. In her twitter post, showrunner, Lauren said, “Someone’s ready to stop running and start fighting.”

Basically, the Witcher story is adapted from the novels Novellas and short stories of Andrzej Sapkowski. Season one is set from the book The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny.

Now the season 2 is picking up the story from the book Blood of Elves. This One could be the real start of the epic saga fro Yennefer and Geralt Ciri.

Netflix promoting the witcher season 2, and in brief, the log in for the new installment reads, “Convinced Yennefer’s life was lost at the battle of Sodden, Geralt of Rivia bring Cirilla to the safest place. His childhood was Kaer Morhen. He must protect the girl from more dangerous things: The mysterious power she possesses inside.

No release date is confirmed yet for the Witcher season 2. The production is continued, but it has been delayed and will come next year in 2021.


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