What is Erin Holland’s ‘obsession’?

Erin Holland, an Australian model and sports host, revealed on Thursday which cosmetics brand she is currently “obsessed” with.

The former Miss World Australia, who is currently in Pakistan for the eighth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), stated on Instagram that she was obsessed with the red lip color from Fenty Beauty, the brand owned by international singing sensation Rihanna.

Holland posted a stunning selfie to the platform for sharing photos and videos, complete with vivid red lips and flawless eyeliner.

What is Erin Holland’s lifelong obsession?

The sports presenter is wearing white, and she is setting goals for her hair and makeup all at once as her beautiful waves of hair cascade around her face.

What is Erin Holland obsessed with?

The sports talk show host shared the selfie with the caption, “Concerned about how breathtaking she looks.” Could you spare a moment for the lip? @fentybeautyobsessedddd” Holland also has two stunning rings on her fingers, which she is holding in a delicate position under her chin.

It’s clear that Holland isn’t the only one who is obsessed with the look because the model’s fans are completely in agreement with how beautiful she looks.

In just two hours, the post has received over 80 comments and over 3,500 likes.


Holland once more caught the attention of her fans last week when she shared photos of her trip to Lahore, also known as the City of Gardens.

The presenter is well-liked among fans not only for her exceptional cricket knowledge but also for her unrivaled sense of style, which has many taking notes.

Holland is a well-known Pakistani celebrity who will be competing in the PSL alongside her Pakistani counterpart Zainab Abbas. She has been a dominant participant in the tournament throughout its seasons. She attended editions four, five, and seven. Holland is adored by people not only for her commentary but also for her vibrant personality and striking sense of style.

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