What Is The Most Underestimated Thing In PUBG?

The most underrated weapon is something you guys never suspected, and that is the Crossbow. The Crossbow is primarily found early in the game often and almost always overlooked, but especially if you want to stay stealthy, this is an absolute beast. It is one-shot kill to anyone that is wearing less than level 3 helmet.

It absolutely wrecks people and also those with low-level chest armor as well it can still even make a one-shot kill on them.

Crossbow is pretty good if you want to take out someone silent without exposing yourself at close/mid-range. Especially good at ambushing people. Moreover, it creates confusion, and your opponents will panic.

Crossbow – Weapon Stats

  • Power: 96 / 100
  • Recoil: 20 / 100
  • Range: 16 / 100
  • Firing Speed: 2 / 100
  • Weapon Class: Other
  • Magazine Size: Ammo Type:


Do not use a Holo or Red Dot scope with Crossbow as they completely lack range finding. The Crossbow and 2x Sight are some of the great rangefinders in this PUBG Mobile game. Whereas the 4x is viable but a matter of personal preference.

2x- if the enemy fills the circle from top to bottom, they are 100 meters away. And if they will fill half the ring, they are 200 meters away, and if the dot covers them in the middle. They are 300 meters away. At 100 meters, you can easily hit them by placing their head in the gap at the bottom of the circle and firing.


The main points you need to remember are the top few. The first dot is used for anything less than 50 meters, and the second is used at 50-80 meters. How do you find out distance?

4x- aiming at the second to bottom notch on the reticle allows you to hit players at 100 meters. Although, it doesn’t help past that.

Gap Between Dots

If the player fills the gap between the 2nd and 3rd dots, they are about 100 meters away. To hit them, leave them in that gap and fire. The 3rd dot from the top is for 150 meters, and so on. Past 150, it becomes difficult to remember and aim, however.

You don’t need very many bolts if you conserve them well. Two are usually enough for a knock, and with headshots, one is always enough. 10-15 bolts are perfect.

Pair the Crossbow with an honest “generalist” weapon like the M16, Scar, or M416. Choosing a DMR or SMG can work if you’re good with them. But they leave gaps at specific ranges that aren’t filled by Crossbow.

Snipers are too slowly long-ranged, while weapons like the Uzi or AKM fall a touch too far on the close-range side.

The info for the 2x was gathered from a video by a YouTuber called 1, a primary channel I highly recommend watching. From his info, I could easily apply it to the Crossbow by using the training grounds.

Tl;Dr: Crossbow is intimidating to urge into due to how bad it seems compared to everything else, but once you exploit its strengths, it is often a potent weapon in some situations.

Consider the Crossbow as a VSS mixed with an AWM: extremely high power with very slow projectiles.


It is more complicated than other weapons to use below the enemy because of how much precision is needed, so stay above or level with the enemy when using it if possible.

Crossbow is excellent for creating confusion in enemies: no one expects to be hit by something out of nowhere, mainly when no one uses the Crossbow. It is especially useful when outnumbered because they can’t tell where it came from.

A quick knock on an enemy team that outnumbers your organization can create a lot of panics, and therefore tip the fight in your favor while keeping your position hidden.

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