What Muscles Does an Elliptical Bike Work?

Let’s assume that you have done your body a huge favor and you have gone out and purchased an outdoor elliptical bike. Now the next step is to actually get on top of it and put that machine to work.

If you are looking for some extra motivation to use your elliptical bike on a regular basis, take a glance at which muscles an elliptical bike can put to work for you.


Those thigh muscles called hamstring muscles are mandatory for stability. You definitely feel those hamstrings when you are moving down a hill by foot and feel that sensation like you are about to totally lose your balance, so keep them stretched and toned.

Exercising on the elliptical machine will have you moving your body forward, putting your hamstrings to work to straighten your hips and aid in lifting your knees, grounding your body with stable support during the course of this motion.

The result will be increased strength, muscle toning, and endurance that your hamstrings will thank you for later.


Another beneficiary of using an elliptical bike to work out is for your quadriceps muscle at the front of your thigh.

Your quads are extremely important in your use of the elliptical machine, because they are an aid in all forms of leg motion, from walking and running to jumping and bending. Without working out your quadriceps and keeping them strong, you will have problems even using an elliptical bike at all.

For a more challenging quad work out when you are feeling up to it, consider increasing the resistance on your elliptical bike or pedaling backward.

You will find that elliptical workouts are more of a benefit to your hamstrings and quadriceps than walking. Trying sticking to a steady program of 30 minutes of moderate intensity five times each week.

Cardio Activity

Time spent on elliptical equipment is an aerobic activity, which impacts your heart in a positive manner. This is also cardiovascular exercise, helping you to burn calories, get your endurance upgraded, and your muscles sharper.

This activity also benefits the upper body, especially if the elliptical machine has the poles that simulate cross-country ski action. Going hard at this with repetitive motion will hit the triceps, the pectoral muscles of the chest, and the deltoids and bicep muscles as well for an overall variety of physical fitness.

You will also see benefits in the upper back and shoulders. But the middle and upper sections of the body aren’t the only areas gaining from consistent use of the elliptical machine.

Additional Muscles

Along with working out the hamstrings and quads of the upper leg, elliptical workouts benefit the calves also. The main muscles in the calf will gradually become stronger, which will make your standing from a sitting position somewhat easier. You’ll find you have more endurance in the legs when you walk a long distance as well.

Elliptical training is a big added plus to your glutes, muscles in the buttocks like the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus that you may be looking to tone up.

Who would have thought that you could purchase an elliptical bike and be able to provide your body with a simultaneous workout to your hamstrings, your quads, your heart, your upper body, your lower body, your triceps, your pectoral muscles of the chest, your deltoids and even your bicep muscles?

We don’t always have time to stop what have to do to make it over to a fitness gym. The weather isn’t always ideal enough to permit us to go for a lengthy jog in the morning before work. But by purchasing an elliptical bike and using it on a regular basis, we can accomplish a lot of real work to enhance our bodies by just turning on some music and pedaling at home.

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