Why Sugar Free Wine Is Better For You

Our taste in wine is as individual as it is broad. Light and bubbly, rich and aromatic, or somewhere in between.  But what all these have in common is the sugar content. It usually ranges from high to higher.

However, sugar-free wines do exist – and giving them a try will open you up to an entire world of flavor you never knew was there under all that sugar. Not only do they taste good, but they’re associated with some unique benefits outlined below.


An Option For Diabetics (in moderation!)

Choosing a sugar-free wine allows even a diabetic person to enjoy wine (in moderation) while keeping their sugar levels at a decent place.


Diets such as Keto require cutting out sugar as much as possible, meaning giving up wine altogether.  Going sugar-free means you can keep your diet and still drink a tasty wine every so often.

Helps Reduce Hangovers

Excess sugar in wine can actually make a hangover much worse.  The less sugar in the wine, the less intense the hangover will be.

Because both sugar and alcohol are processed through the liver, having a sugar free wine can dramatically decrease the effects of a hangover. Think of it this way – less sugar means less pain in the morning.

Reduced risk of Heart Disease

Studies have shown that moderate consumption of alcohol, especially wine, can help reduce the risk of serious chronic illnesses, including heart-related problems.

Quality and Taste

You might think that sugar-free wine is missing some flavor when compared to a wine with higher sugar content, but the opposite is true. The sugar often masks the real flavor of the wine. Dry wines are more often classified as ‘sugar-free’ wines.

Does it taste the same?

Everyone has different tastes.  The difference in sugar-free wine and a sweeter wine is a preference when it comes to taste.  Enjoy dry wine?  There’s a sugar-free version.  Bubbly and light?  There’s a sugar-free version there too. Typically, you’ll adjust to the lower sweetness within a week or two. At that point, your taste buds will be able to pick up a lot of the flavor that was overpowered by sweetness before. It’s a richer, deeper flavor that most people appreciate.

Is it held to the same standard as a more sugared wine?

Short answer?  Absolutely.  Often high-sugar wines are actually a lower-quality option – bad batches of wine get jacked up with added sugar to improve the flavor profile and make it sellable.

Where to start?

Here are a few guidelines to follow to maximize your enjoyment of sugar-free wine. Remember that these are only suggestions, and your preferences might vary.

Alcohol content

The ideal for a sugar-free wine would be with an alcohol content between 10-12%.  Because alcohol is made from sugar this keeps sugar levels low.


Red wines that are dry usually fall into the spectrum of the 10-12% alcohol content – a dry red wine has even lower sugar content than other forms of red wine.

White wines are more ideal to ‘sugar-free’ because a dry white wine has a much lower amount of sugar in it than even a dry red wine.

Should I only drink dry?

Not necessarily.  The alcohol content and lack of added sugars is what really matters. There are a variety of sugar free wines available for most people to enjoy.

Most of all, enjoy the wine you enjoy, taste until there’s one that suits you just right, and have a good time.  Drink responsibly.

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