123Movies: Top 10+ Best Alternatives & Similar Websites 2020!

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Movie lovers are always found in the whole world who love to stream movies and TV shows online. They are always pursuing the best website that can allow them to stream and download stuff. So that they can continue the entertainment without any annoyance.

Several sites are available in the market that is full of different movies and TV shows. And one of the famous names in these sites naming as 123Movies. This site contains numerous collections of old and latest movies and TV shows. It is one of the great sites that can provide you with a vast library of collections to stream and download.

Nowadays, there are many sites available for free to watch movies or TV shows online. Therefore, in the current era, people prefer to watch videos online because, offline first, you have to download and then watch it. But for online, you can see right now.

There are many Free and paid sites to watch online movies. And some of the sites need to log in or signup. But there are also some sites where login or signup is not required to watch any online Movies for free.

Watching movies and several videos through free streaming sites is suitable for those people who cannot go to the cinema or theatre to watch them live. Moreover, the latest streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon prime requires a high paid subscription. But by visiting 123Movies, you can get it all at one platform and free of any cost. You can easily get streaming access to several Hindi movies, Tamil movies, English movies, and dubbed movies in several languages. All these are free to stream along with TV serials and shows without having any cost.

Under the section below, first of all, I will tell you all about 123Movies that is a famous name in free streaming sites.

What is 123Movies?

As I’ve already told you that 123Movies is one that is more popular websites for streaming also as downloading an outsized number of Bollywood, Hollywood. Moreover, it includes films of tons of other languages alongside series of various genres and styles and multiple sorts of shows including award shows. Although there’s an outsized number of internet sites online which will provide you free content for streaming also as downloading, however, it’s challenging to seek out a place that possesses a library, as vast as 123Movies. This website isn’t just one website but maybe a combination of twelve sites that gives the users a robust network to stream or download several movies and serials.

The best and most famous thing about 123Movies is that on this website, you’ll get all the content in High Definition. The site 123Movies went offline for a short period thanks to legal reasons some years ago. It happened primarily because the web site is predicated on the protocol of torrent to stream as download the films, also as other content.

Here, I will tell you all about 123Movies, how it works, how you’ll download movies and other things from there despite the location being banned.

What Happened To 123Movies?

The original website was 123Movies. But it had been taken down and blocked within the year 2018 because the producers and creators of flicks wanted it to be taken down. Because it had been hampering their business. And despite this, these people weren’t successful to keep the website down for long. Very soon, the owners of the web site created 123Movies.co to supply all the similar facilities to the users, which the sooner website was providing. There are multiple advantages of using web site 123Movies rather than other popular streaming apps like Netflix also like Amazon Prime Video.

One of the main issues with these popular video streaming websites is that there are tons of films on these streaming channels which don’t have subtitles in any language. And additionally, to the present, the loading speed on these streaming websites leaves no stone to be required. Another main reason for these popular content streaming channels is that they consume tons of bandwidth. The people that have Wi-Fi installed in their homes won’t have a drag with this. But people that have a measured data plan cannot enjoy the advantages of those popular content streaming websites. This is the only reason that creates several issues on the site.

Even on Wi-Fi, you can’t completely enjoy any movie or content on these channels because the video starts lagging, buffering. And, therefore, the reform the content stars affected by cuts whenever the speed of the Wi-Fi takes a dip, and the connection isn’t excellent.

The simplest solution to such problems is that you simply can download movies and content completely to your device then enjoy watching it even within the absence of the web. An attractive feature about 123Movies is that you can easily and conveniently download all the films and content that you wish to save in your preferred quality.

The content, including the films on this website, is out there during a wide selection of qualities to download.

Is It Legal To Download Content From 123Movies?

If you are talking about the privacy, security, and legality of the sites like 123Movies then you may say that it is an illegal site. And this is also the only reason, due to which the site was banned previously.

Such sites provide you pirated copies of the content that are the copyrights of some other people. And these contents are no available to stream or download for free. As these are only available on paid sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Therefore, the creators who have the legal copyrights are searching these pirated sites and get banned.

In this way, they can stop the pirates to stream the pirated copy of their legal content. There are many sites like 123Movies that are banned by the copyright creators for making available their genuine content free to stream and download for the general public.

Although the site is banned it does not stop working. The website is coming back with new names like 123Movies.pro, or 123Movies.co, etc.

What Is The Reason That Makes this site A Famous Site?

There are several reasons that make this site is one of the famous sites that can enable one to stream or download his favorite content. All these contents of different genres and in different languages are available on 123Moives without any cost.

And one of the main reasons due to which people like this site is easy to access one’s favorite video. The users can get the required content with ease and easily navigate it at no cost. This site contains a large variety of TV shows and movies of all genres on the home page o download and stream.

There are movies from Bollywood and Hollywood cinema industry, additionally to dubbed movies of an outsized number of other languages. Although there are multiple ads on the web site that keep approaching the screen once you get to understand the way to browse the available categories on the website. But you’ll easily avoid them and reach your favorite films.

Moreover, the other main thing for the popularity of 123Movies is that the content available on the web site is freed from cost. There are not any charges for streaming or downloading movies and other stuff.

Another reason thanks to which users love this website is that the wide selection of choices that the user gets on this website. There are multiple qualities during which you’ll download your favorite movies also as shows and series. You’ll download your favorite stuff in Super HD quality otherwise you can download it in lower quality to save lots of your data.

You’ll download movies and other content in HD qualities like Blu-ray, DVD, etc. This is often one of the simplest to have some leisure in your free time. If you’ve got Wi-Fi with a vast data plan then you’ll watch a movie by streaming it online. And if you’ve got a limited data plan in your device then you’ll download that specific movie then watch it.

How Can You Download Movies From this website?

Above, I told you almost all the facts about this famous site. Now I am moving towards the main object and key part of the site. Here I will tell you how to download a movie on 123Movies. The best way, with which you can download any movie with ease by using a 5k player. This 5k player can make your download easier and the attention free process.

5k player is a very useful tool with which you can easily download your favorite movie with a few minutes in any video quality. If you have a 5k player then you can save the movie from 123Movies on your device with a single click. 5k player is genuine and legal. Moreover, you will feel no difficulty while using it. It is totally free to use.

The below step by step process will tell you how to download movies from 123Movies.

Step 1

  • At first, download the 5k player and install it on your device.

Step 2

  • Open it and search for the required movie that you want to download.

Step 3

  • Just copy the URL of the movie and paste it into the 5k player search bar.

Step 4

  • Pick the video quality in which you want to download the movie and that’s all.

After a few minutes, you can check the required stuff on your device. It is there to watch at any time later.

Is 123Movies Safe To Use?

If you are pursuing the very right answer then it is no. because technically, the use of 123Movies is not safe at all. Not only 123Movies, any site that is providing you the pirated contents are not safe to use. And the main reason for this is that the 123Movies site is illegal and containing the pirated contents that are under the copyrights of other people. The website is copying the private contents of real creators and providing them for streaming or downloading to the general public. Moreover, they all are available to all without any fee.

Secondly, this site may harm your computer as pirated content may contain some type of viruses and malware. Therefore, these contents may harm your device when you download them on your system.

Moreover, the popping up ads can disturb your attention while browsing. And if by chance, you will click on the ads then it will open another link that may have strong malware that can hack your system. Because the sites that you have visited accidentally are not safe to use. The devices, you are using, can easily get harm by such viruses from unknown links.

Best Alternative Websites of 123Movies

The majority of people are visiting 123Movies to download movies. Because of this website 123Movies, got an enormous library of films and TV shows of various genres and categories. The website 123Movies contains movies from new to old, from Hollywood to Bollywood also as regional movies.

The most important benefit that 123Movies gives its users is that here not only you’ll stream movies, but also download movies and other stuff for future offline viewing. Because when you are visiting the 123Movies then it will allow you to download the video for having it offline.

The website was banned for providing content that was prohibited, but it hasn’t ended its operations completely. You’ll still download and stream online the movies and tons of other content like TV shows, serials from the alternate sites of 123Movies which are active nowadays. These sites have a very friendly user-interface like this website.

Here I will tell you some best alternative websites that are safe to use instead of 123Moviess. Have a look below:

Sony Crunch

Sony Crunch is another good platform to download and stream movies online without any cost. This site is a good alternate in those regions where 123Movies is banned nowadays. It will also provide you a large variety of movies genre and TV shows.

Here, on this site, you have to register just for one time to enjoy it for the rest of your life. So register first, and move on to get unlimited entertainment.

Ice movie

This site is also well as a good alternate to 123Movies. It is a simple and easy to use platform that can give you a chance to access several movies and TV serials. The main feature that can make it a good site to stream online is that it will give you the top-rated movies of IMDB. Therefore, this will make it easy to get direct access to the top contents without paying any cost.


Megashare is also a popular site that will facilitate users with ts best. It has a wide rand=ge of movies from English to Tamil movies. It will provide you the HD movies with good video quality.  You can find there, the tv serials, live programs, and other videos. Al the material will be available for you with great quality of streaming. It requires no sign in charges. You can directly sign it by adding your email and password. Then you can stream any video of your choice.


This website is looking exactly like 123Movies. It has the same user interface similar to 123Movies. The main difference between 123Movies and 123Movies.la is that the former one has the regular update list of contents. This site provides you the contents into categories like most popular movies, and high-rated movies.


Another good and easy to use 123Movies alternate website is MovieNinja that will provide you with a well-balanced user-interface. It is very easy to use. This site makes easy categories of all movies and TV shows. Therefore, you can easily search out the required content for downloading and streaming. So, all the movie lovers can enjoy a lot and have good leisure time on it.


There are several legal or illegal sites that are providing the visitors with the new and old movies, tv serials, documentaries, and web series. Moviesflix is also one of these sites that are working illegally and entertains the users with all types of videos without any sign-in charges. This site contains all types of movies and other video documentaries at HD video quality. It amazes its visitors by providing them with all old ad new, classical and historical movies.


This is also an amazing site for streaming and download without paying any penny. Because it will provide you all the contents according to your region. So, just select the country and put the required word on the search bar to get it here. This website also containing the movies list according to IMDB.


This website is also another alternate link that will provide you various movies and TV shows. According to an estimate, this site will give you 700 movies and TV serial/show to get their streaming and saving the link. All the TV shows and movies that are available on the home page of this site are in HD video quality.


Go to HDO free streaming site if you want to spend your free time watching the movie just like 123Movies. This site containing a well-managed and attractive user-interface. And this interface will make it the most attractive site as an alternate to 123Movies.

Therefore, users are feeling very ease when they interact with this site. Because they find a lot of good on this site to visit and stream.


Moviezwap is another good alternate platform that will provide you a vast library like 123Movies. It has a very large quantity of online content for the user to watch and stream online. The main thing that you have to do is a sign-in process which is necessary. You have to sign in first to go to the home page and stream or download the content of your own choice.


One of the best names on the alternate websites of 123Movies is “Lookmovie”. And it also a well-known site because it will provide you a wide range of movies to stream and download. It has a very friendly user-interface. You will enjoy this site when you will come to its home page. Because the home page of this site is really good and provides you a good interface for interacting. If you will visit it then surely it will make you addicted to it.


This site is also a well-known site that has a well-categorized interface. It will provide you the movies classifying according to their genre like horror, classic, and comedy, etc. Therefore, this classification can make it easy to interact with this site for all users. You are exactly clicking the right content that you want to watch. Moreover, the contents that are available on this home page are in HD video quality. And when you will open it, then you will enjoy it like 123Movies.


If you are a die heart fan of classic movies and want to watch classical movies on a daily basis then go to the Kanopy streaming site. It is a free platform where you can watch your favorite movie without paying any penny. Because the contents available on this site are free to watch. So just interact with this site to enjoy an unlimited range of classic collections.


If you are a fan of mainstream movies as compare to other contents then you are at the right place. Popcoenflix is the right choice where you can have a smooth stream without any flaw. It will assist you in making web-series, TV serials, movies, and live telecasts. You can be able to browse this site on web and also download it on Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, Roku, and Apple TV.


This is also a good alternate to 123Movies through which you can enjoy a lot of content that are free to stream and download. The distinguishing feature that makes Vimeo a distinct site from all other alternates is to upload your own cinema. Yes! The users are able to upload their self-made documents and videos. The only restriction is that all of your self-made videos must be in HD quality.

Moreover, here you have to pay some registration fees to get direct streaming and downloading access on this site. But many movies and short films are available free to stream on this site.

Internet Archive

This is a perfect match for those who love to watch classic movies. And if you are one of them then nothing is best for you than the Internet Archive. It also contains several old age films that will provide you real classic thoughts of cinema.

What Are The Most Frequently Ask Questions?

No doubt! 123Movies is one of the most famous streaming sites on the web. It will provide a large variety of several movies to watch and download. Users can easily use this site as it’s the interface is very friendly. But somehow, it was banned previously due to some copyrights issue. Therefore, I will tell you about its best alternative sites for non-stop streaming.

Besides all the details, some of the users may have some queries in their minds that they want to ask. So here I will answer below some of the most frequently asked questions here.

  • How Does Website Work?

Are you a movie lover? Does one love to watch several kinds of movies without paying any cost? There are numerous varieties of websites where you would like to enter your details, and you’ll need to register there with the e-mail id and password. But on this site, you are doing not need to do any registration. You only got to open your favorite browser and visit our page and choose the recent favorite movie you’re keen on the foremost.

Now, you’ll see the movie online on your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection alternatively. You can download the movie offline to watch it later with your friends and family. Then there’s an alternative choice you’ll save that downloads the movie. Yes, you’ll download the movie on your smartphone and watch it later. Whenever you’re free, attend the downloaded section and revel in the movie. Here, you’ll not get any sort of ads.

You’ll even be ready to see the HD quality videos. For the people that want to observe some local films in their language, we provide the dubbed section of all kinds of these movies. You’ll download the deadest image within the dubbed edition and acquire the complete advantages.


Many sites are available on the web that is not much familiar as Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video. All of these sites are not free to watch. But these sites have a very wide variety of latest and previous movies in their library. As all of you may know that these sites have some subscription that you have to pay before browsing them. So if you are not in a condition to pay more fee then 123Movies and its alternatives are best to use.

Although, some of them are banned in different regions. But here are not a few alternatives. This content contains 14 plus alternatives that you can visit to watch movies without paying any fee. So choose the good one and enjoy an unlimited free streaming experience by watching your favorite movies.

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