Barcelona is the most difficult club in the world to manage: Xavie.”

BARCELONA: Coach Xavi Hernandez stated on Saturday that La Liga leaders Barcelona are the most difficult club to manage because their critics are always prepared to snipe at them even after big wins.

In the first leg of the Copa del Rey semi-final on Thursday at the Santiago Bernabeu, Barcelona defeated Real Madrid 1-0, but they were criticized for having only 34% possession.

Xavi stated that his job was more difficult than any other in the game because of the demands placed on his team to play good football, win games, and win trophies.

“You defeat Real Madrid 1-0 and it feels like it’s not convincing enough,” Xavi told reporters, “whereas if it were the other way around, there would be a national party.”

As a result, it is the most challenging club in the world. Do you still think about me? I stated that last year and was chastised for it.

“In Barcelona, you must win and persuade in order to have 70% possession and generate 16 chances while the opponent produces three.

“That is the goal, and that is our goal, but you must recognise that we are fighting with La Liga and European winners.”

When Barcelona faced a Madrid team pressing them high up the field, Xavi called it “absurd” that they didn’t keep the ball.

Xavi stated

“We did not want to set up in our box because Madrid pushed us there; that wasn’t our goal for the game.”

On Sunday Barcelona face Valencia in La Liga, where they get the opportunity to move 10 focuses clear before Genuine Madrid face Genuine Betis.

Almeria defeated Barcelona 1-0 last weekend, missing a chance to increase their lead.

Ruben Baraja was recently hired as coach of Valencia, which is ranked 18th. They beat Real Sociedad 1-0 last weekend to boost their fight to avoid relegation.

Xavi stated, “They defend well with Baraja, are more aggressive, generous in their defensive work, and very quickly.”

“We have to alter our thinking from the cup since we lost to Almeria. We want three points, but our opponent needs them as well since they have a lot on the line.

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