Bullets were fired at Messi’s family shop, and a menacing note was left for the player

ROSARIO, ARAGON: Two men opened fire at a closed supermarket owned by the family of Lionel Messi’s wife in the dead of night, leaving behind a threatening message directed at the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner.

“Messi, we await your arrival. “Javkin is a narco, he won’t take care of you,” read the handwritten note left on the ground by the men who fired 14 shots into the metallic facade of the supermarket in the early hours of Thursday.

The supermarket is in Rosario, Messi’s hometown (family was also present) , which is about 320 kilometers northwest of Buenos Aires. Pablo Javkin is the mayor of Rosario.

Javkin stated that the goal of the attack was to “create chaos in the city.” He confirmed that the supermarket belonged to the family of Antonela Roccuzzo, who shares three children with the football superstar.

He stated, “Here, what’s sought is the repercussion, it’s perfidy.” What other story goes viral more quickly than an attack on Messi?

The two men arrived on a motorcycle just before 3:00, according to a witness. They both fled after one of them got off, fired shots, and dropped the note.

Javkin stated, “This has been going on for some time.” Even though we have five security personnel operating in Rosario, they are able to accomplish this because no one is pursuing them.

The message was an attempt to “attract attention,” according to Cadena 3 television station’s assistant chief of provincial police, Ivan Gonzalez.

Since no one was present at the time, he claimed that no one was hurt.

Federico Rebola, the prosecutor in charge of the case

Told reporters that the Roccuzzo family had not been threatened in the past.

“We’re concerned; this has a significant impact; we have the video photos and are seeking for other cameras,” he said.

Rosario is the most violent city in Argentina, with 287 murders in 2022. It is a port city on the Parana river that has slowly become a hub for drug trafficking.

Omar Perotti, Santa Fe state’s left-leaning governor, and the center-left national government frequently delegate responsibility for anti-narcotics measures and the use of the city’s security forces to one another.

Provincial minister Claudio Brilloni stated that he had “urged the federal forces to greater collaboration, engagement, and participation” in the fight against violence and criminality in Rosario at a meeting this week between the municipal, provincial, and national security forces.

Two declared presidential candidates from the right-wing opposition requested assistance from the military police to combat drug trafficking in Rosario.

“The situation is complex in Rosario… the drug dealers have prevailed,” said Security Minister Anibal Fernandez.

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