F9: The Fast Saga Trailer: What’s the Story Behind Dom’s Locket?

Get Ready for the most-awaited saga, Fast9 that will release on 22 May 2020. A sneak-peek of fast9 reveals that Dom and Letty have been settled down with Dom’s little kido.

Recently, we have got to watch a sneaky view of the trailer of the Fast9. In the sneak-peek of Fast9, it has been witnessed that something far thrilling is yet to come. Dom and Letty are seen with the little Dom (Dom and Elena’s son). Dom and Letty seem to be happy with their little kido but it can be sensed that something fishy’s going on.

It seems like someone’s going to threaten their peace of life and this time, their fate is far more furious. The locket that Dom has given to Letty as their wedding tie, Letty gives to their little kido. The very last scene of the sneak-peek shows that Dom is putting the locket off of something probably, from his son’s. So, that’s something suspicious as Dom seems to be very upset.

Another thing to be noticed about the locket it has been shown in the official poster of Fast9. Is this a sign that Dom’s family, especially his son is once again at the stake?

Let’s see what’s hidden beside the cards, how this locket will set fire to imitate the upcoming fast saga.

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