How to Store Your Action Figures

The right packaging can preserve the integrity of your action figures. What you need to do is find a safe place to keep and protect your precious collectables. Depending on the size of your collection, you may need individual protective cases for your most coveted pieces such as the ones from Davey Boys Toys. When storing your in-box toys, there are some specific materials to use and steps to take.

Basic Packaging and Protection Must-Haves

A cool, dry place with less ultraviolet light. Choose a low traffic area in your place or make use of a storage unit that is climate-controlled to help keep your collectable safe.

Storage bins. The size of these storage bins depends on your needs, but it is better to pick the ones with square or rectangular bottoms. It means there are no or little curves or indentions. It maximises space and enables you to position your action figures much better to protect their packaging.

Bubble wraps. You will need a small bubble wrap along with either a medium or large one. The small wrap is for covering individual figures. On the other hand, you use the medium or the big bubble wrap to line the sides and bottom of the storage bins.

Cardboards. Use thin cardboard the same size as the bottom of the storage bins. This gives a flat, solid surface to store your figures.

Remember not to wrap the toy too tight to prevent it from damaging its packaging. You need to keep the bubble secure to the card and protect the card from rubbing or bumping the storage bin and other action figures.

After securing a storage area for your toy collection and choosing the right packing materials, you need to pack your collectables strategically to ensure the cardboard, bubble wrap, and the figure are not under stress.

Make an Inventory List

Organise your toy collection by package shape or by line to help you maximise the space in the bin. Write down on a note or put into a database online each item in an individual storage bin. After that, use a reference number for the bin. Also, use a label marker to know what is inside each storage bin. By doing this, finding a specific item or set in the future becomes easier.

Choose the Right Placement

At this point, grouping your action figures will prove to be useful. If your packaging is rectangular, the task is quite easy. But, if you are organising pieces that come with big bubbles or cards, you need to arrange them so that they support each other without creating undue stress to the figures that will damage them. You can also add bubble wrap or ball-up some plastic bags to provide some support to those unsupported cards, preventing them from drooping or bending over time.

If you have a huge collection of action figures such as from the Davey Boys Toys, the entire process may take a while to complete. Regardless of the size of your collection, you will have fun organising this kind of investment. It is always worth taking time to store, protect, organise, and do an inventory of your beloved toys, whether it is for a sentimental reason or for financial gain in the future.

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