How to Wear Bohemian in Grand Style

Back in the day, people wear Bohemian clothing as a way to demonstrate a free-spirited lifestyle. This style has returned after a few decades and has now taken over the streets, red carpets, runways, and various social gatherings. Boho fashion means printed dresses, pom-poms, eye-catching jewellery and accessories, plus a unique combination of cultures such as Moroccan, Turkish, and Indian. You can carry this great sense of fashion with the help of Bohemian brands like Arnhem clothing, in which there are a variety of pieces you can mix while following your personal style.

Why wear bohemian clothing?

This fashion style will look good on you, as this kind of clothing is suitable for everyone. It is easy to accessorise your bohemian dress to add flair to it. The bohemian also allows you to layer your outfit to create an attractive overall appearance regardless of the weather. Layering also applies to the jewellery you wear for the day. Another reason for wearing bohemian attire is that comfort is its main element. Flowing dresses, harem pants, long skirts, boho tops, etc., all provide the comfort necessary in various attires.

Here are some outfit ideas using the bohemian fashion without looking too hippie for your own good:

Fun Prints

The bohemian outfit is about expressing your creativity, and this involves colourful, free-flowing, and wild prints. Embracing the boho vibe means looking for items that have attractive prints in a variety of colours. Do not forget to match your funky dress with modern and sophisticated shoes and bag to elevate the look.

Flared Jeans

Perfectly-fitting pair of flared pants in white or soft faded denim colour is quite a boho. Pair them with a tunic, boho peasant top, or flowy scarf top, and you will look super chic. Wearing classy skinnies and bootcut are great too, but a pair of flares is the best approach if you want the retro side. Also, flared jeans help balance out your hips if they are wider.

Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants that flow and swish when you walk are fashionably elegant. You can wear them with a white top and a jacket for a casual look or style it up with an asymmetrical tunic. Make sure to create some structure to prevent your outfit from looking sloppy. Adding a bag and shoes with a bit of structure to your outfit, like a circle bag, can help you achieve a stylish and relaxed look.

Earth Tones

One of the vital elements in creating a bohemian look is the use of natural colours. You may steer clear from loud colours and instead use soft rusts, blues, browns, and greens that are similar to earthy fashion style. The perfect complement to these tones is natural coloured accessories such as high-quality leather.

Fringe Materials

Fringe is a crucial part of a bohemian fashion. An excellent way to add some boho look includes a fringe cardigan, statement sandals that have fringe accents, a bag with some touch of fringe, fringe earrings, and so on. Keep in mind to opt for fewer fringes and not more so you keep everything classy.

It is easy to relate to this vibe, especially if you are a hippie and free-spirited at heart. With the help of bohemian brands like Arnhem clothing, you can have fun with your attire while standing out from the crowd.

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